Would you say thicker and coarser leather is better suited for riding?

Would you say thicker and coarser leather is better suited for riding

A beautiful, well-made leather jacket is an absolute asset to any motorcycle rider. There are only a few pieces of clothing in the world that evoke as much emotion and imagination as the motorcycle jacket. The motorcycle jacket embodies the spirit of rebellion, adventure, and spontaneity. If anyone were to see a character wearing a motorcycle jacket, they would immediately know who the rebel was in the movie. That is how most of the world thinks about leather jackets.

Now that you are a motorcycle rider, it is time to buy a motorcycle jacket of your own.

But what type of jacket should you buy? Should you get a leather jacket that is thin and easy to move in, or if you get a sick leather jacket that will keep you safe from cold weather but is heavy and requires special maintenance? Like most things in this world, the answer depends on your needs and your budget. But let’s go over the types of leather used in leather jackets and if coarse and thick leather is better for riding motorcycles than thin leather.

As a rule of thumb, motorcycle jackets that are made with leather are much thicker than regular jackets. One of the reasons why the leather on motorcycle riding jackets is thicker is so that the jacket can hold armor.

Also, if you expect a thick motorcycle jacket to protect you from the snow and the rain, you will be disappointed. Leather jackets don’t keep you warm past a certain point. Since leather is made out of cowhide, it is supposed to be breathable as cowhides have pores so the cow could sweat and not overheat. So if you plan to ride your motorcycle in the snow and the rain, you will need gear that is appropriate for such weather. Therefore, some people might think are Leather Racing Jackets, Fashion or Necessity?


So what does this all mean? Should you get a leather motorcycle jacket that is made with thin leather or thick leather? The honest answer is that as long as you get a leather jacket made specifically for motorcycle riding, it doesn’t matter. It is up to you to decide if you want a thick motorcycle jacket or a thin motorcycle jacket. A thick leather jacket cannot keep you safe from the elements, but it has just as much breathability as a thin leather jacket. A motorcycle riding jacket made from light leather will still be thicker than a standard leather jacket.

Note: you cannot buy a leather jacket from a regular store and expect to wear it while riding on your motorcycle. A leather motorcycle jacket from a regular store does not have armor built into it. If you crash and fall on the asphalt, there is only a thin layer of leather to protect you. You have to buy your leather jacket from a brick-and-mortar or online store that caters specifically to motorcyclists. You should always buy a jacket with armor built into it so you don’t become a bloody stain on the asphalt.

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