35 Challenging Things Every Motorcyclist Must Do


Driving a motorcycle takes a special kind of person. When we are on the road, we have to maintain constant vigilance to remain safe even in ideal conditions, just because of other drivers. When you add rain or snow to the mix it is even more so. Plenty of people consider us full hardy and reckless, but for those of us for whom this is an inseparable part of our identity, it is an expression of our soul. We need our freedom, but we also have some things to accomplish.

Take a look at this list of 30 things every motorcyclist should do and let us know how many you can mark off.

  1. Customize the motorcycle yourself.
  2. Know your machine as you know yourself. Maintain the motorcycle yourself.
  3. Fall in love. Take care of your motorcycle like a lover.
  4. Know your priorities. Skip Christmas so you can go riding.
  5. Be the good guy. Go on a charity run even if you’d rather be buying some brand-new leather motorcycle gloves.
  6. Get out there and get dirty. Have at least one-day off-roading.
  7. Jump on a motorcycle with twice the horsepower or torch that you have ever experienced before.
  8. Be the good guy and stand up for your buddy who has just learned how to ride.
  9. Know what a negative influence is. Get rid of a dangerous riding buddy for their stupid habits.
  10. Define at least one day as your track day.
  11. Just because you have to try it once, drift. Even just a little.
  12. Dress like a motorcyclist with the cliché leather motorcycle jacket or the men’s leather motorcycle pants.
  13. Be fastidious and clean your motorcycle once a month if not once a week.
  14. Be “that guy”. When you propose your very best ideas be sure to say “What’s the worst that could happen?”
  15. Bounce a little and do the bunny hop on the sidewalk.
  16. Accomplish a lane split.
  17. Have that weird conversation where you tell girlfriend you care about them even if you do go riding every weekend.
  18. Blow off your significant other to hang out with your motorcycle.
  19. Know what you need for riding. Be able to ask for exactly what you want. (Even if they say you don’t need those leather motorcycle pants.)
  20. Be the action hero and shoot a gun from a moving motorcycle.
  21. Ride to win and take the day.
  22. Say yes to a spontaneous road trip with someone you’ve known for two hours.
  23. Get wet. Ride through the rain the entire trip, quietly cursing your buddy who dragged you out.
  24. Be angry. Get off your motorcycle and walk up to the driver that just cut you off, tap on his or her window, and go at it.
  25. Care for the other riders out there and block for a group ride you don’t know, but learn more about the group riding before you go.
  26. Know yourself and know your machine. When you’ve reached the upper limits of your skill level, just admit it and know it.
  27. Be the expert. Tell your friend just what kind of motorcycle they need because what they picked just doesn’t match them.
  28. Buy and be happy with the motorcycle that you said was a stepping stone.
  29. Be the stud. Turn around after the woman at the crosswalk smiled at you in your leather motorcycle pants.
  30. Live in the moment and stop wasting your time dreaming about the “If only” motorcycle.
  31. Be the loner of your own story. Take a ride alone to somewhere you’ve never been.
  32. Pull yourself together and stop crying. The road doesn’t care.
  33. Stand up for love. Defend your motorcycle in a public brawl.
  34. Ride through the storm be it rain, sleet or snow.
  35. See the sea and ride to the beach and back.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? 35 things every motorcyclist should do eventually. I’m sure I missed one or two you think should be added in there. So why not drop a note and let me know what you think should be on there right before you head over to wicked stock to prepare for your ride to the sea.

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