5 Motorcycle Tools You May Not Have Used


You all know what a trying experience it is when your motorcycle needs to be repaired while on a ride. Preventative maintenance is the answer; to keep your machine running at its best, you need the right tools for the job. What is more annoying than a grease gun coupler that will not adhere to a grease zerk, well here is your answer.

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler


This little gem allows you to put grease into the zerk without making a mess or waste grease. LubeNLock fits all grease guns; pneumatic, electric, or manual and fits all DIN and SAE zerk fittings.

It locks onto the zerk fitting, stays in place, reduces leakage, thanks to durable steel jaws that lock onto the zerk. Fits ⅛” NPT thread. Press the thumb release handle when finished greasing, and it lets go, no more broken grease zerks.

LockNLube grease gun coupler is a great tool to keep your Men Textile Motorcycle Pants from getting covered with grease.

Tap Sockets


Great for working in tight areas where a “T” handle won’t fit. These sockets are not for bolts or nuts, they are for taps, the inside is square, and the largest one is a number 8, and its diameter is ¾”. These sockets work with ¼” to ⅜” drive tool.

Tap Ratchets


When working on your motorcycle, the need may arise to extract, ream, or tap; tap ratchets speed up the work, especially for deburring. The rachet should be reversing right/left rotation made of high strength alloy steel.

Another thing to look for is a ratchet with self-centering jaws with a knurled chuck sleeve for max grip and control. Jaw openings should be between ¼” to 1⁄2” (6mm-14mm).

UV Dye & Blacklight


UV dye is used for detecting leaks in the fuel systems, power steering units, and transmissions. UV dye does not contaminate petroleum-based lubricants. When testing for leaks, add 1 fl. oz. of UV dye to 4 quarts of transmission fluid, 1 fl. oz. to 5 gallons of gasoline or diesel, and 1 fl. oz. to 5 quarts of oil.

Take your bike for a test drive allowing for the dye to work its way to any leak. Use the UV or blacklight to inspect your motorcycle where the leak is most likely to occur. A yellow-green glow appears at the leak source. You can check for fluid leaks using UV dye and a blacklight without getting your Leather Motorcycle Vests dirty.

Delrin Primary Chain Lock Block


A chain locking block is a safety tool used for preventing damage to the transmission on a Harley, Triumph, BSA, Honda, or just about anything else. The locking block can be inserted between the chain and sprocket or clutch basket.

The chain block is tough enough to hold your primary in place while torquing hardware or removing parts. This product will not damage chain, sprocket, or pulley and works with belt drive or chain drive systems.

Rim Protectors


If you have ever had to change a motorcycle tire the hard way, using tire irons, then you need rim guards. They are sold in pairs with recovery ropes attached and are designed to protect the rims of your motorcycle wheel when changing a tire.

Rim guards or protectors are placed over the rim at the point of contact of the tire iron. The second guard is then moved along the rim at the point where the second tire iron is working.

They don’t make changing a tire any more comfortable, but they prevent your nice shiny rims from getting nasty scratches. Don’t worry, it is not a fashion error to change a tire wearing your 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket.


For DIY’ers, you have been presented with five tools that you may not have thought of using to keep your bike in shape.

Now you know there are tools out there to use that make the job of keeping your bike in running order an easier task. As always, jump on Wicked Stock to find the above tools or a Motorcycle Rain Jacket for Men.

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