About to buy a motorcycle for less than $1000? Here’s what you should know


Thanks to the many online marketplaces that list vehicles to sell, experiencing the motorcycle lifestyle is easier and cheaper than ever. Purchasing a motorcycle for less than $1,000 is entirely possible, and you can even have money left over to go shopping for a new leather biker vest! But remember: the lower the price is, the more problems you could encounter. Or the seller could lie to you and end up scamming you. To guarantee a good motorcycle for such a low price, here’s what you should know.

Request an accident report

Never take the seller’s word as fact; you need to obtain a copy of the motorcycle’s accident report to check if it was ever in a collision. An accident report is important because it tells the buyer what kind of damage the motorcycle has been through. If the seller refuses to give it to you, you should see their uncooperativeness as a red flag.


Search the VIN

No matter how cheap or expensive the motorcycle you’re looking to purchase is, you should always check the VIN to know if it is stolen. This rule only applies if you are buying from a site like Craigslist or eBay, not a used car lot. There are many tales on the internet of people who find a great car, truck, or motorcycle for an amazing price, only to be deceived by the seller. Then, later on, they are questioned by the police because their vehicle is actually stolen.

See the motorcycle in person

You would think that this rule is a no-brainer, but unfortunately, many people buy vehicles without ever seeing it in person, not even through a skype or WhatsApp call. But you always have to check any vehicle you are buying in person so you can inspect it. You should look for these six things when inspecting a used motorcycle:

●       If the exhaust is mounted correctly

●       Any cracks, dents, or scrapes on the frame

●       If there’s rust anywhere

●       If the clutch stifles or pops when squeezed

●       If there is drag or resistance when using the breaks

●       The wear on the tires

You should also test out the seat to see if it moves or shakes in any way. While you’re checking the seat, wear your favorite leather motorcycle pants so you can know how good you look on your new bike. After a thorough inspection, then you can properly decide if it is purchasable or not.


Test it out

After inspecting the major areas of the motorcycle that could secretly have problems, it is now time for the final test. Hop on the motorcycle and drive around on it for at least 20 minutes. Listen to the engine when it starts and how fast the engine warms. Feel the tires and the brakes as you stop at the light and make turns. Sometimes a motorcycle can be beautiful but hard to handle, and you don’t want to discover this when you’ve already given the seller your money, and you’ve now on the freeway. When you’re testing out the motorcycle, don’t forget to wear a pair of motorcycle riding gloves. You’ll be wearing them out on the road, so you should test out the strength and resistance from the handlebars.

Congratulations! You know are the proud owner of a motorcycle! As a fellow motorcycle rider, let me tell you that your life will never be the same! But before you ride your chopper for the first time, you’ll need to have on the proper gear to keep you safe and ready to ride. Head over to www.wickedstock.com and see our selection of motorcycle rain gear, helmets, gloves, boots, and anything else you need to be both safe and stylish!

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