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A Tire Company Rates Restaurants

Are you, friends, or family planning a motorcycle tour of the California wine country? Why not treat yourself and your fellow riders to a meal at a Michelin Star Restaurant? What is a Michelin Star Restaurant, you ask?

Startup Michelin Tire company of France, circa 1900, wanted to boost tire sales so Michelin brothers, Andre and Edouard came up with a grand idea. They began publishing an informational guide to help the nearly 3,000 motorists in France find places to get fuel, to change a tire and where to get food and lodging.

In the beginning, the guide was free, when Andre found his beloved guide used as props for workbenches in tire shops they were free no more. Running off the theory, “man only truly respects what he pays for,” a new guide was printed and sold for seven francs.

In the 1920s the guide included a list of Parisian hotels and listed restaurants by categories. The ranking system began in 1926, with restaurants are rated in three categories:

1 Star–a restaurant is very good.

2 Star–Make a detour, the cooking is excellent.

3 Star–Plan your trip for this category, the cuisine is exceptional.

No motorcycle tour is complete without eating at Michelin Star restaurants.



What a better place to start your motorcycle tour of the California wine country than Napa. As you cruise the Napa valley taking in all the sites of interest, make plans to dine at Compline, a Michelin Star restaurant is known for good cooking.

Compline serves a good meal prepared with fresh ingredients with a focus on healthy eating. Compline you can dine at the bar, in the dining room or on the patio and priced from $50 to $74. Compline is found at 1300 First st. Napa, California. The Compline is not too formal for you to wear your Men Textile Motorcycle Pants.


The Shuckery

No motorcycle tour of California’s wine country is complete without visiting the home of Peanuts author, Chuck Schultz, Petaluma, CA. The restaurant for your culinary experience while in Petaluma is The Shuckery, located at 100 Washington St.

This restaurant is an oyster bar, actually Petaluma’s first. At The Shuckery the oysters are shucked at the bar before being served to your table.

Raw is the main focus for the delicate oysters the restaurant serves like Hammersley or Hog Island. You can also order fried or baked classics such as Oysters Rockefeller, or golden hushpuppies stuffed with shrimp and made from a light corn batter.

Fish tacos are a big hit with many of the patrons who dine at The Shuckery. This Michelin Star restaurant is modestly priced from $25 to $49 and is well worth every penny. Don’t worry; you will fit right in when you consume oysters while wearing Motorcycle Armor Leather Jackets or Men Leather Motorcycle Pants at The Shuckery.


International Smoke

If you develop a taste for a barbecue, then you will have to travel to San Francisco to enjoy a savory smoked cuisine. Good barbecue is worth a few extra miles; this Michelin Star restaurant is worth getting your fingers sticky from savory smoked barbecue sauce.

This smoking-hot-spot has that industrial-chic look with black brick and copper and pillars lined with graffiti. The smoked ribs come in three distinctive juicy flavors making messy fingers worth every bite. International Smoke is at 301 Mission St. and the pricing is between $50 and $74, not bad for a high-class joint.

Michelin Star restaurants are some of the most exceptional dinings in the culinary world. The ingredients must be fresh, prepared by competent chefs, and of top quality in taste, texture, and palatability. Textile Men Motorcycle Jackets will go nicely at International Smoke, don’t get barbecue sauce on it.


Something to remember is a dining motorcycle tour of California Wine Country, especially dining at Michelin Star Restaurants. The culinary excellence of these select restaurants is something to take with you as cherished memories of roads well-traveled.

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