At A Loss For How To Sell Your Motorcycle?

At A Loss For How To Sell Your Motorcycle

Maybe you are looking for a new ride, already have one, or just need some cash on hand at the moment. Whatever the case maybe you find yourself needing to sell your motorcycle. This can certainly be challenging for any number of reasons not least of all the sentimental attachment you have to the motorcycle. But once you commit to the sale of your beloved there are of course some things to remember and avenues you might not think of.

First thing first, do your research and know how much the motorcycle is worth. Gauging the price because you overvalue some mods and work you put into it can certainly slow down the selling process so be realistic. The reality is those mods are almost always a sunk cost and won’t hold the same value (and in some cases might decrease the value). You might also consider selling the extras separately.

Posting Ads

When posting the ad write it out and save it with five to eight photos. Be specific and give an honest history. This will save some time by weeding out people that don’t want a motorcycle that has been modified or ridden hard. If you have a good ad and are realistic about your price you are going to find interest by uploading it to not one but several of the free classifieds (Craigslist, Trader any local niche sites) and print it out, ask your favorite mechanic if you can put it up. Don’t dismiss people, sell to everyone, and read every inquiry but do be particular in who you give a test drive to.

Friends and Family

This is one of my favorites because even if it takes a little luck it can remove some of the tedium of inviting strangers over to take a look. Even if your friends and family don’t want to buy your motorcycle they are a good place to start because maybe they know someone that does. Word of mouth has always been one of the best ways to advertise and that is true here as well. But do be careful that if you sell to someone you know they don’t wind up coming back laying every little issue they have with it at your feet once it is sold.


Maybe you need the cash quickly and just can’t wait for the ads to bear fruit. In this case, you can sell to a dealer. Just know they are in the business of buying low and selling high so they aren’t going to pay a premium price. Furthermore, they aren’t going to be buying your leather motorcycle jacket, mesh motorcycle pants, or those cool textile motorcycle pants you own. Go to them if you need the cash or moving and just can’t wait it out.

Social Media

We all spend a lot of time on social media so make it work for you. I can’t tell you how successful the Facebook marketplace has been for me in the past. But use what you have, if you have Instagram advertise there too. If you post your motorcycle and its progress, follow local groups, then there is a good chance you’ll have followers that would be interested or know someone who is.

And while you are posting the ad for your motorcycle make sure you check out and follow wicked stock on our Instagram and Facebook pages. That way you can keep an eye out for that perfect motorcycle riding jacket and the motorcycle rain suit to match.

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