Buyer Beware! What to Know When Buying a Motorcycle


There’s nothing better than buying a new motorcycle. Even if the bike is used, it is still new to you. And the new feeling that you love so much is even stronger if it is a vintage motorcycle that you have dreamt about since you were a kid. When you officially know you can buy the motorcycle of your dreams, the daydreams begin to flood your mind, and you are not able to stop thinking about it. There’s just something magical that happens when you finally have the motorcycle that you’ve always wanted. But it is important not to be foolish with your money and buy a motorcycle that is a dud. Some people are completely blinded by the love of their motorcycle that they buy it sight unseen and untested. So before you fall victim to a poorly-maintained motorcycle, you are a few things you need to know.


# 1 Accident reports and motorcycle health reports

before you go to the motorcycle sellers’ home, ask them to send you any reports about the motorcycle. If they do not have these reports, then ask them to obtain them. If they do not have them, say that you will walk and buy a new motorcycle from someone else. These reports are important, and you should not leave the house before you see the motorcycle in person. If they refuse to give you a report and start texting you the history of the motorcycle, block them and find another seller.

#2 – Inspect it or bring a friend to inspect it for you

After the seller gives you the report, check it over and make sure you are comfortable with its history. If you are, text the seller and say that you would like to see the motorcycle in person. If you are familiar with motorcycles and their internal systems, you can accept it by yourself. But if you are not or this is your first time purchasing a motorcycle, take a friend with you that has been riding motorcycles for years. They will be able to help you, and they will know if the motorcycle has been maintained well over the years.


#3 – Negotiate a price

Yes, that’s right, now it is time to negotiate. This is the number one most hated stuff when purchasing a vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you negotiate with someone on Craigslist or an experienced car salesman at a BMW Outlet; everybody hates this step. Tommy accident report how well it’s been maintained, you can look up the price and how much your motorcycle should be. Then take that number and subtract 10% from it; that is your starting point. The seller will try to sell as low as possible you need to buy as low as possible. But negotiating is a necessity, so don’t take the first number That the seller says, unless it is the exact price you want.

#4 Purchase your motorcycle gear

Congratulations! Now that you have your new motorcycle, you can ride up and down the freeways and road rage of America until you run out of gas. And when that happens, just go back up and keep on riding. But before you plan your next road trip with your new bike, you must have the correct motorcycle gear to keep you safe and stylish on the road. I have a few pieces of motorcycle gear that I cherish very much. I own a motorcycle protective jacket, a pair of motorcycle riding gloves, Textile motorcycle pants, and biker vest patches I sewed onto my leather jacket.

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