Can I Listen To Music On A Motorcycle?


Should you listen to music on a motorcycle, is it safe, is it right for you, does it hinder your awareness of the surroundings? You already know that listening to music while riding a motorcycle can be very hard on your hearing.


Many people tend to adjust the volume of the music higher to drown out the background noises. It is advised not to listen to music while riding, and it allows distracting noise into your eardrum. The wind is much louder than exhaust or engine noise for rides faster than 40mph even wearing a full-shell helmet.

The decibel level (dB) can reach as high as 90-100 dB even at speeds slower than 40mph. Inside a full-shell helmet, the wind can reach the pitch of a chainsaw, 116 dBs at cruising speeds of higher than 45mph. Riding a motorcycle is considered hazardous to your hearing; quiet bikes and quiet helmets do not exist.

Helmets are designed to protect your head in case of an accident, not your hearing from loud road noises. To adequately protect your hearing while on a highway cruise is to wear earplugs.

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But, Wait!

With 21st century technological advancements, it is possible to ride, listen to music, talk with your riding mates, and protect your hearing.

This technological gem has been around a long time in the form of Bluetooth headsets and is available just about everywhere.


Bluetooth devices come in many forms headphones, helmets, headsets, and earbuds.

The earbuds are the better choice for riding, as they fit into the ear canal and filter out a good portion of road noise.

The good thing here is you can still hear some road noise like sirens, car horns, and other road noise that can alert you to trouble.

The perfect thing is that you can listen to music, talk to your riding buddies if used through an intercom system.

Some Rules

Some states in the US completely ban any device be it earbuds, headsets, or whatever while operating a vehicle, that means motorcycles too. The AAA (American Automobile Association) does, however, publish a list by state and what they do or do not allow.

Find out what your state says about listening devices while riding your motorcycle, and here are some suggestions. The one rule not to break is the fashion rule that says you will be the best-dressed biker while wearing your Leather Motorcycle Pants for Men.

Motorcycle Stereo System:


The stereo system usually mounts on or near the handlebars and emits sound through speakers.

The music or radio sound can be heard by the rider and passenger as well and quite possibly everyone else on the road.

Some bikers like this method while others prefer a more up close and personal way of listening to music.

Bluetooth Ready Helmet


Quickly the safest way to listen to music, the helmet has built-in Bluetooth speakers that can connect to your cell phone or MP-3 player.

The other great advantage, Bluetooth helmets can be integrated with your intercom system so you can talk with other riders in your group. There are some advantages of listening to music while on a ride, it can soothe your mood, and keep you more alert.

More importantly, it still allows you to hear those road noises that can warn one of pending trouble.

Last Thought

Yes, you can listen to music while riding your motorcycle, but consider what loud noises will do to your hearing when you don’t protect it. Do your research to find the product that will protect your hearing, give you the best quality sound, music, or radio that is out there.

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