Dilemma of Summer Rides – Protection vs. Ventilation

Here at www.wickedstock.com, we are always harping on the idea that having protection while riding your motorcycle is at the very top of the list when it comes to the most important things in motorcycle riding.

That’s because it is.

The first thing that would be suggested is leather or textile motorcycle jackets complete with armor inserts. This will protect your shoulders elbows and back from severe damage if you have the bad luck of dumping your motorcycle along the road.

Here Comes the Hot Weather

Textile or leather motorcycle jackets are the best defense against road rash. That goes without saying.

But now it’s summer. Those jackets are going to get mighty uncomfortable out in the hot humid weather. It is certainly unadvisable to ride your bike without some protection. People riding around with only a tee shirt on are just asking for trouble.

So, what to do? There are options. Some leather and textile motorcycle jackets come with mesh panels in strategic areas to let the wind come through while riding. But these can still be a bit uncomfortable on the hottest of days. The other alternative is a good mesh motorcycle jacket like the ones we offer at WICKED STOCK. Mesh motorcycle jackets come with optional armor inserts to protect your major extremities, while still allowing you to be cool and comfortable when you are riding along the road.

Cool Dry and Protected

All of the motorcycle mesh jackets at Wicked Stock are made of a type of textile material such as a Cordura polyester, with extensive mesh paneling on the front back and sleeves. This allows the air to flow freely while riding to keep you comfortable on even the hottest of days.

They also have fully removable CE certified armor to protect the elbows, shoulders, and back. And if that’s not enough, most come with a fully removable waterproof liner to keep you dry just in case you are caught in a summer rainstorm.

With all these features you are sure to be very comfortable and safe as you ride around on your motorcycle this summer.

Just One More Thing about Safety

We have talked about the CE rated armor to protect shoulders elbows and back. Another fine feature is the 1680 Denier highly abrasion resistant panels which are strategically placed at impact areas.

In talking about safety, we cannot forget to mention the various forms of reflective stripes and piping placed around the jackets at the shoulders, arms, and sleeves. This will enable other drivers to see the motorcyclist at night and in bad weather.

Protection vs. Ventilation?

So, it turns out that you don’t have to sacrifice protection for comfort. With the mesh motorcycle jackets online offered at Wicked Stock you can have the best of both worlds.

Now you can head out there on the road this summer and truly enjoy riding your motorcycle, whether around town or out on the open highway.

Just remember to stay safe. And stock up on all your motorcycle accessories at www.wickedstock.com Shipping is Free and returns are Hassle Free.

Happy Riding

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