Do I Really Need A Motorcycle Vest?

In a word…no. But just like leather motorcycle jackets or pants, a leather motorcycle vest can provide added protection for your back and chest in the event that you had to suddenly lay your bike down hard. Or if you were to wear one of the High Visibility Motorcycle Vests like the ones available on WICKED STOCK there would be a much better chance of you being seen by other drivers and perhaps avoiding the accident altogether.

Where Did The Motorcycle Vest Originate?

In England, a vest is known as a waistcoat. Call it what you will, the vest has been around for a very long time. It was worn back in the days of Kings and Queens simply as a fashionable garment.

The leather motorcycle biker vests as we know it presumably started back during World War II. Many of the young men coming home from Europe and Japan were struggling to relax and fit back into a peaceful society. Riding around on motorcycles provided just enough of the adrenalin rush needed to put some “spice” back into their daily lives.

Some Protection Was Needed

With the stress-relieving fun and excitement of motorcycle riding came the risk of spilling your bike and messing up your day, not to mention your body.

Some protection was needed. Up until then, motorcycle riders were wearing heavy sweaters or garage overalls which were simply not providing the protection they needed.

Realizing leather was a good strong cover for the upper body, they took to wearing the heavy leather bomber jackets that had become popular during the war. Although these offered good protection, the thick, heavy sleeves became cumbersome and were also pretty uncomfortable during the warmer summer months.

Riders began cutting the sleeves from their jackets, making them more comfortable and improving maneuverability. In later years it became quite fashionable to do this to denim jackets as well.

Motorcycle leather vests can be worn underneath the leather or mesh biker jackets giving additional protection to the back and chest. It can also be worn underneath a High Visibility Motorcycle Jacket. With this, you have added protection and upon arriving at your destination, by removing the high visibility jacket, you are looking stylish and ready to make the scene. There are plenty of options available to the discerning motorcyclist.

Fully Functional

The leather and high visibility Leather Motorcycle Vests for Men offered at Wicked Stock are not just fashionable. They are highly functional as well. They include many pockets inside and out to safely stash your belongings while cruising around on your bike. Most of our leather vests have an inside concealed carry pocket, so you can confidently carry your concealed weapon while out on the road.

The Leather Motorcycle Vests at WICKED STOCK are made of 1.1-1.2 mm thick cowhide or buffalo hide. Not only do they provide protection in the event of dumping your ride, but they also add a level of warm comfort underneath your motorcycle jacket during the chillier months.

And Stylish Too

So, whether you are choosing from Men’s Motorcycle Leather Vests or High Visibility Motorcycle vests, you just can’t go wrong. The motorcycle vest is a timeless classic.

The motorcycle clubs of today have a practice of sewing patches on their vest displaying the clubs name or mementos of places they have visited on their motorcycles.

No matter if you’re riding with your compadres, embarking on a cross country adventure or just tooling around town shopping or going to work, you can be protected and look your best in a nice stylish motorcycle vest.

There are some fine choices at Leather and high visibility in different styles and colors.  And Wicked Stock always offers Free Shipping and Hassle-Free Returns.

Happy Riding!

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