Ego and Where You are Going to Hurt


All of us plan on living forever no matter how stupid we know it is. Part of us knows we won’t, so the only way we can react to the threat of injury or death is to proclaim “bring it”. This is true for people in general and motorcycle riders in particular. We are a great bunch but fear makes people stupid. We will tell the world that we ride with the devil and if he says it’s time then we will go with a smile because we don’t actually plan on dying. Not when a semi cuts us off or we are doing 85 on the turnpike while our hair flaps in the wind. For someone out of a hundred people who claim it maybe they really don’t care. And I suppose those one out of a hundred aren’t who I am talking to right now. I am talking about the other 99 out of a hundred people who know they should be careful or are too lazy or too self-conscious to take the smart steps.

Everyone knows there are real dangers we have to account for because accidents happen and we want to live. So even though only 19 states have universal motorcycle helmet laws everyone knows they should wear them. Speaking from personal experience I will say you should wear a helmet even for a test drive around the block because concussions are no joke and there is nothing cool about your grey matter getting scrambled.

So you wear a helmet and maybe even motorcycle protective jackets. Good job, but next time you head out, look down. Now, what do you see? If you are one of any number of guys at my local watering hole you are probably looking at your blue jeans or even a pair of shorts. Now take all your arguments for maneuverability and your ability to focus because you’re comfortable and kindly shove it. For more information, you should read the article: Is It Important To Wear Motorcycle Protective Gear?

Take a look at the CDC or any one of the state or municipal transportation department reports and you’ll see a pattern. The fastest way for us to die is not wearing a helmet but right after that, we see spine injuries, abdominal and leg injuries because when we fall we tend to fall hard on some pretty gritty spots. And let’s not retell the story of a track day where some idiot let his motorcycle tip over. Whether it is leather motorcycle pants, full-on knee pads, and armored motorcycle racing pants with protective jackets and armored shoes it’s worth it.

Okay, you don’t think it’s cool or maybe you just have the groove in those jeans perfect from all the hours of riding. Picture a track day and you show up with your protective jacket and a helmet because you know they won’t let you ride without them. Now imagine you look around and you see half the motorcyclists on the field decked out from head to toe in full-on protective gear with the protective jackets, leather motorcycle gloves, and the knee pads and protected shoes to boot. Who do you really think looks as they belong there? The tourist in a leather vest and a brain bucket or the armored goddamn knights that look like they are ready to get hit by another rider and walk away?

So that’s why I always make sure I am geared up and ready, not just because it is safer but I know I look badass in the new protective gear I picked up from And if I succeeded in what I set out to with this article go follow and like wickedstock on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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