Fitting In Is For Car Owners


I have never been someone who easily fits in. I’ve never really understood why. I don’t believe I think differently than other people. I mean, I do have my thoughts and opinions, but so does everyone else. And I can usually meet one or two people that share my same views. But no matter how or how much I tried to fit in with everyone, I just couldn’t do it. I always made some kind of misstep that would derail my fragile goodwill among the new group. I used to lie awake at dawn and wonder why I am the way I am.

While I’m riding on the back of my motorcycle, I usually have a brown leather motorcycle jacket on. It feels comfortable, and it pairs well with my leather motorcycle pants. The leather keeps me warm on cold days, of which there are many.

But now, it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m different because I’m different, and that’s that. There’s no point in torturing myself over it and kowtowing to other people’s demands of what I should be. It took me so very long, but I can say this now, “I am different, and I love myself.”

No, I shouldn’t say that. I mean, “I’m different, and I love myself and my motorcycle.” A motorcycle has never once asked me to be anything different. Accepting myself as someone who just doesn’t fit in with others easily is one reason I acquired the motorcycle in the first place.

motorcycle riding

Ever since I got my motorcycle, it has been with me. It has taken me anywhere I needed to go. It has ever let me down. In exchange, I’ve never let it down. I always took good care of my motorcycle. Even if I had to go without some necessities in my life, I always made sure my motorcycle was maintenance and cared for.

For a long time, my motorcycle was the most stable part of my life. And now that I have friends that I can count on, I realize that the motorcycle wasn’t just a vehicle that took me from place to place. It was also a friend in my way.


Now, I have a few wonderful friends that I have finally found for who I will happily allow them to join me on the back of my motorcycle. They accept me for who I am, and I accept them. I do not have a list of friends on Facebook or Instagram. But that’s okay. It is like that saying goes, “I would rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies.”


When you free yourself and decide to embrace who you are and stop trying to fit in everywhere, you’ll be much happier with life and with yourself. To celebrate your newfound confidence in yourself, you go on a shopping spree and find the style of clothing that makes you feel like you’re expressing yourself. 

But don’t just style up your regular clothes. Dedicate time and money to purchasing motorcycle clothing that shows who you are. Not only are motorcycle clothes inventive and how to stand out from the crowd, but they also keep you safe if you’re in an accident or if you are caught in the rain.

A great site to shop for motorcycle clothing is There are tons of different clothes that you can mix and match with, and there’s a lot of safety gear available as well. If I can recommend some clothes, you should consider purchasing a motorcycle rain suit, which will keep you dry and hot when you’re caught in the middle of a storm. Or if you’re looking for something small, a pair of black motorcycle riding gloves will never let you down.

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