Five Things You Might Want To Know Before You Begin Riding A Motorcycle


1. When you begin to ride motorcycles was there something you were not told, like how dangerous it can be?

The Dangers

Motorcycling is rift with many dangers, avoiding them is a full-time effort. Speed kills, and that is a true statement. Speeding on a motorcycle is high end risky, loose gravel, an oil slick, the wet pavement will put you and your bike down.

Too fast into a turn will shoot you into the oncoming lane of traffic. Panic stops are especially dangerous if you apply too much brake to the front wheel you can do a cartwheel over the handlebars.

The other driver may be distracted, texting, talking on a cell phone or even intoxicated to the point they don’t see you.

2. How picking the wrong bike can be more trouble than it is worth

Choose Wisely


First Bike 250cc, good choice


As skills improve, time to upgrade

When you are new the motorcycling world riding a bike that fits you and your skills. Pick one that is light, easy to handle, one that you can master with your newly acquired necessary skills.

When you take the basic motorcycle safety course, the instructor usually matches you with a bike he thinks you can handle. Those professional instructors are usually not wrong.

Key-off their judgment and pick up a bike similar to the one you trained on, preferably used. As your experience level climbs, you can upgrade to a little more bike as time goes on. Once you have chosen your bike, you will stand out wearing Men Textile Motorcycle Pants, one of a kind.

3. How the people who drive the cars around you are often oblivious to your presence.

Do Not Be Invisible


There is a phenomenon in the driving culture that is as dangerous as the ones mentioned above. Human Factor experts call this phenomenon “Inattentional Blindness.”

Many vehicle drivers involved in motorcycle-related accidents proclaim, “I looked-but-failed-to-see,” the motorcycle. The size and visibility factor a motorcycle presents cannot explain this phenomenon away.

Remember our article titled Ride a Motorcycle? Here Is How to Stay Alive where this phenomenon was discussed. 

It is essential as a motorcycle rider you do everything in your power to be as visible as possible. Wear reflective tape on your motorcycle clothing, wear light-colored clothing, ride with your headlights on, anything to be seen and stay safe.

4. That you have to take a basic motorcycle safety course before you can get your endorsement or license

Play it Safe from the Start


Motorcycle basic training – Off to the right start

Gone are the days when you could buy a motorcycle and start riding without any formal instruction in how it is done. In those days, you did not have to get a motorcycle license or an endorsement.

State legislatures got smart and wrote laws making it mandatory to take a basic motorcycle safety course before you got a motorcycle license or an endorsement. That is it, a basic course where you learn to use the clutch, brakes, how to shift and keep the bike upright.

By advancing your skills, you can eventually upgrade to a better bike; it is recommended that you take an advanced course. Where motorcycles are concerned, you should never stop learning.

5. Blue jeans, T-shirts, and sandals will not protect you if your bike goes down

Armor Up


A good quality Jacket will protect you very well


Leather Pants protect hips, knees, and butt

Why do you think that it is essential to wear motorcycle protective armor? On a motorcycle you do not have the protection four-wheelers have; your clothing must protect you.

Some people will ride a motorcycle wearing T-shirts, blue jeans and sandals. Instead, they should be wearing Leather Motorcycle Pants for Men designed to protect your knees, hips, and butt. That is why Leather Motorcycle Jackets come with protective armor for your elbows, shoulders, and back, to protect you.


Best Head & Face Protection

Helmets have to meet or surpass DOT safety standards to keep your brains inside your skull. The best protection, a full-face helmet, don’t forget to protect your hands with Motorcycle Leather Gloves for Men.

Make Every Ride a Safe One

Take the time to get it right to learn all the skills required to be proficient on a motorcycle. Every ride be sure to wear the right protective gear and as always lookout for the other driver.

Make your first bike is one that fits your skills, move up as your skills improve, that is how it is done.

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