Fuel Management – More Horsepower


You want more horsepower out of your motorcycle, there are some ways to accomplish this.

Up the CCs

You can increase the size of the engine by boring the engine to increase the engine cubic centimeter/inch displacement. Boring is done by machining the cylinder walls to make the cylinder larger. Over boring will weaken the cylinder wall and cause the engine to fail in time.


The other method is to get a stroker kit and increase the piston stroke to give the cylinder more volume. This requires a new crankshaft, new piston rods that move the crankshaft farther from the axis center of rotation. This method affects the engine’s ability to rev correctly.

Both the above methods are time consuming and expensive, especially if you are not an experienced mechanic. You will pay someone else to do the work. Additionally, you won’t look overdressed while riding your motorcycle wearing Men Textile Motorcycle Pants or Men Motorcycle Leather Racing Pants.

Increase Air and Fuel Capacity


To increase the horsepower of your motorcycle, you can increase the amount of air going into the engine.


Taking outside air a supercharger compresses the air and forces it into the engine through the intake valve. This increases the rate of combustion inside the engine at each power stroke.

The supercharger must be attached to a rotating part of the engine either by using a belt or chain. While performing its job, the supercharger uses as little energy as possible.



A turbocharger is a turbine-driven system that increases the air density and pushes it into the engine. Similar to a supercharger, the turbocharger performs the same task, but there is a difference.

The turbocharger’s turbine is powered by the motorcycle’s exhaust and is more efficient than superchargers, often lighter, and smaller. As a result, you will experience an increase in the power and speed of your motorcycle. You can increase your drawing power by being seen in the Leather Motorcycle Vests.


What Else Can I Do?

That is a good question, here is what you need to know. There are two ways to go, with fuel-injected machines you use fuel management systems. With carbureted bikes, the carburetor needs to be modified by doing that yourself or by using a carb kit.

To increase horsepower, you have to control the fuel-air ratio, get the ideal mix for max efficiency. The best air-fuel ratio ranges 12.8:1 to 13.5:1 for the best production of power by a motorcycle four-stroke engine. But your best production improves when you are decked out in Textile Men Motorcycle Jackets as well.

Manage the Fuel

Your motorcycle is programmed from the manufacturer to run at the prescribed air-fuel ratio to meet EPA standards. The ECU (Engine Control Unit), a computer that takes information from the different sensors on the bike to determine the air-fuel ratio to inject into the engine. This occurred through all phases of the throttling process.

The motorcycle is programmed to run leaner at low engine speeds such as idling which makes the bike run hotter. Here is one solution, an add-on system that re-tunes the ECU to trigger the desired air-fuel ratio for more desirable horsepower.

The device is attached to the bike and is spliced between the ECU and the injectors or coils. The device intercepts the signal from the ECU, tweaks them and sends the new message to the injectors. Which add-on device you want is based on what you are willing to pay for horsepower tweaking.

Talk about tweaking, you will be a hit while wearing All Season Motorcycle Jackets.

Other Methods

You can swap put a bulky muffler for a smaller lighter, less restrictive one which can lighten up your load. You can change out the entire exhaust system from headers to tailpipe but, that will require tweaking to the ECU to prevent a malfunction.

Final Injection

This article does not begin to cover all the things you can do to increase the ponies in your motorcycle. It does give you a few ideas that you might want to consider, the choice is yours.

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