Future Travels: How the Motorcycle Riding World Will Travel after Covid-19 is over

Motorcycle Riding After COVID

We are finally coming to the end of the pandemic, and I, for one, am so happy. Although the world won’t be right until the middle of 2022, the US will be back into shape by the fall. That means motorcycle riders will be able to travel around the country without putting their lives on the line every time they refuel or walk into a gas station. But the world will not be the same after. Permanent changes are expected, and travel and tourism will have to adapt or else. But when will people be able to travel freely within the US and around the world? Will they still be able to wear their best motorcycle leather jacket and ride their motorcycle until they reach the end of the road? Not exactly.

The problem with travel today and for the next year is that vaccinations are not happening everywhere. People who are acquiring their vaccines are mostly in big cities and around the outlying suburbs. So those who are willing to travel have to stick to two areas: big cities and open spaces. Motorcyclists are used to traveling through wide spaces where there is no other human insight. But these spaces are not destinations, just roadways that help them get to their next adventure. They are beautiful, but these places are not entertaining enough to be destinations all on their own. So what does this mean? It means that travel will still be limited for a long time.

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Will Travel Ever Return To Normal, Or Is It Altered Completely?

Unfortunately, it looks like travel will be completely altered, and it will not return to what life was like in 2019. Too many people now see the many flaws in the old way of doing things. Not only is eating out not as common, but people also want to stay in their homes and send the order in. Catalan Street will be reeling to acquire Taurus again, so they’ll be mass discounts. So expect some of your favorite places to be full of people the next year or so. You won’t be able to put on your favorite leather biker vest and head over to a small town for a peaceful time. Many small towns had to endure a terrible hit when the government decided not to help their many small businesses and Mom and Pop shops.

What about traveling around the world? Well, it looks like no one can travel for a while. Even if everyone in the US has a vaccine, that does not mean they can travel to a country struggling to vaccinate their people. Vaccines help fight Covid-19; it is not 100% guaranteed protection. So all travelers will have to stick to countries that have more than 75% of people vaccinated. By the end of the year, these countries should be Iceland, Canada, The US, Israel, China, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, and others.

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