Hot Weather Can Be Hazardous – Checkout the Best Motorcycle Gear for Extreme Heat


Summer is the time of year that you want to get out and tour on your motorcycle. Summer in the U. S. can get quite hot, often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in many places. Riding a motorcycle wearing full leathers in extreme heat can cause problems, heat stroke, heat exhaustion to mention a couple. Keeping yourself hydrated during hot weather is a must, bring along plenty of water, you’ll need it. To make riding in scorching weather safer, here are some tips to help protect you.

Hot Weather Ventilated Riding Gear – Jackets and Vests

Lightness and air flow for hot weather cooling, textile mesh jackets have a distinct advantage over perforated leather. Hybrid jackets that are made in combination with textile mesh or with robust textiles with vents that can be closed or opened are an excellent choice for keeping cool. A leather jacket tends not to breathe as well as mesh or mesh/leather hybrids, even when extensive perforation or lots of vents are used.

Riding in hot weather means lots of water/fluids and wearing your Mesh Biker Jackets. If you are riding in extreme heat conditions, you might consider wearing a mesh cooling vest. Vests such as the Harley-Davidson Hydration Vest or Macna Dry Cooling Vest which work on cooling the core temperature of the body.

Leather Motorcycle Biker Vests and Leather Motorcycle Vests for Men are more suited for riding in colder weather and may not cool properly in the summer heat. Jackets with lots of mesh for cooling, multiple pockets to keep items close and handy and state of the art impact protectors are the right choice like the 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket.

Don’t Forget Your Gloves

When you are riding in hot weather going without gloves may cross your mind that could be risky. As humans, we tend to use our hands to brace us in a fall or when a bike goes down, leading to severely injured hands. There are so many style options in glove choices that it is possible to get excellent protection as well as comfort.

Makers of gloves offer all-leather palms and inner finger surfaces further enhanced by gel foam and double-leather construction to protect impact surfaces. For better ventilation in hot weather, gloves may be perforated, mixed with textile mesh or breathable synthetic materials. While looking for Summer Motorcycle Gloves for Men, make sure that the gloves have a positive retention system. The best systems usually have an adjustable buckle, a snap or hook-and-loop closure wrist strap. The point here is to keep your gloves on your hand if something goes wrong.


Many bikers like to wear denim jeans instead of leather motorcycle pants, especially in summer. With technology, denim can be made to stretch for a better fit, and for abrasion protection denim can be lined with Kevlar. Denim jeans can come with individual pockets for inserting the CE compliant impact protectors. To make riding jeans even more protective, they are now made with high-strength abrasion-resistant Armalith thread incorporated into the fabric.

Men Textile Motorcycle Pants are made of the same high-quality material as the riding jackets. The same can be said for Men Motorcycle Mesh Pants made from high-quality mesh for cooling ventilation while riding on hot summer days.

Cool Down

You know the hazards of riding on hot summer days, dehydration, overheating, can lead to heat stroke. Knowing what motorcycle gear is best suited for keeping you fresh is essential for staying as cool as possible on hot days.

Log onto and check out all the motorcycle gear that is available for your riding comfort and safety.

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