How Does Waterproof Rain Gear Work?


No matter where you ride or what you ride, you’re always going to have to go up against mother-nature at some point. Riding in the rain can be fun for some, and we’re not knocking it. But, rain can also be annoying to ride in when you don’t have the proper gear.

Why is Motorcycle Rain Gear Important?

When you’re riding a motorcycle, rain can pose a rather big hazard for you as a rider. Not only does it make the road slippery and dangerous, but it also reduces the visibility of other motorists on the road, which can put you in a very bad position as a rider. When you’re riding a motorcycle, if you get wet it can be uncomfortable and distracting. Distractions are something severe that you cannot afford. It sometimes becomes a risk to your life while you’re on the road. Thankfully there are many options of motorcycle rain jackets for men in the market.

What is Motorcycle Rain Gear Made of?

A lot of motorcycle rain gear is made out of water-resistant nylon or similar fabric that incorporates water repellant properties with breathability. These types of fabric are really good at making sure you stay protected from the rain, while also ensuring that you don’t end up trapped in a sweaty mess of a jacket. The breathable nature of these jackets makes them an appealing option for many riders.

Men’s motorcycle rain jackets are designed to repel water using materials such as rubber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polyurethane. These are used to line the fabric that makes up the outer shell to keep water from penetrating the fabric. This keeps you dry and safe while you are out riding your motorcycle.

You can also find motorcycle rain suits for men and women in this type of fabric as well.  Recently, some companies have even started making armored, textile motorcycle jackets with a water resistant coating on them to keep you dry while you ride. While these jackets may not keep you 100% dry (because they are water resistant, not waterproof), they will work in a pinch to get you to the nearest shelter from the rain, or to protect you while you are just passing through a light shower.

Why Should You Buy the Best Rain Gear?

Many of the motorcycling rain jackets are made large enough that they can fit right over a rider’s protective jacket. Most of them even have reflective stripes on them to increase your visibility in the rain and when you’re riding at night. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice safety in order to stay dry while you’re riding.

Most leather and textile motorcycle jackets will repel a little bit of rain, they won’t keep you entirely dry. If you plan on riding in areas where there is a lot of rain, you will want to pick up even an inexpensive waterproof riding jacket that can keep you dry for as long as you ride.

Having a sturdy motorcycle rain jacket is important and can mean the difference between a great ride and a grounded ride. They are great for protecting your expensive leather or armored motorcycle jacket. The best raingear jacket will also keep you from coming home wet and miserable after an unexpected run-in with some storm clouds.

We at Wicked Stock carry some of the best biker raingear for men. These jackets and rain suits are lightweight, breathable and won’t take a big bite out of your wallet. When you factor in the price of one of these jackets, and the hassle that one of these can save you, you can’t really afford not to buy one.  Come see as we have the perfect rain gear for you. We promise you’ll be glad you did, the next time the sky opens up while you’re out for a cruise.

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