How Motorcycle Protective Gear Is Made?


What You Know About Motorcycle Protective Gear May Keep You Alive?

Leather Motorcycle Jacket:

Start with the best cowhides from America, tanned to company specifications. It takes 11 hides that are tanned to match each other by both color and grain to create each jacket.

The hides go to the cutting room where professional cutters cut 40 individual pieces for each jacket. The cut pieces then go to the sewing room where the smaller pieces are sewn together, pockets, belts, and collars.

To make for natural movement, football-shaped pieces of leather are sewn into the armpits. The jacket has an extra piece of leather sewn into the back attached with strips of elastic to easily stretch forward. All the smaller parts, including the zippers, are sewn together, leaving a jacket body without sleeves.

Then the sleeves are sewn in place, with the jacket turned inside-out. A quilted lining is sewn into the jacket while it is still inside-out. The jacket is turned right-side-out and made ready to ship. When it comes to your choice get Armor Leather Motorcycle Jacket or 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket and become a trendsetter.

The Helmet:

Helmets made to protect the rider from severe brain injury in a motorcycle accident.


This thin hard outer shell of the helmet is made from Kevlar, polycarbonate plastic, or fiberglass.

The outer shell forms a protective barrier around the softer, foam of the inner lining and must perform two functions:

  • Protect the skull from puncture by preventing penetration of sharp objects into the helmet.

  • Prevent the disintegration of the inner liner upon striking hard, rough pavement.

Fiberglass, along with Kevlar and carbon fiber, makes for a lighter helmet. Not only does the outer shell have to be impact resistant, but it also has to compress on impact with hard objects to disperse energy.

Inner Lining

The inner liner made from expanded EPS foam is thick enough to prevent the head from hitting the outer shell upon impact. The inner foam lining needs to be 1-2 inches thick to allow for head movement and not be too uncomfortable.

Comfort padding of soft foam goes between the head and inner liner wrapped in a soft cloth. The strap, to keep the helmet on a rider’s head. You do not want your helmet coming off during an accident, fasten the chin strap snugly every time you ride.

The Motorcycle Boot: Protect Your Toes.

Motorcycle boots designed to keep a rider’s feet safe. The boot starts with a designer drawing the boot on paper, a new design in motorcycle foot safety. The drawing loaded into a computer to create a pattern of the boot.

Making Process

Once the features are set according to what the designer wants, the specs are sent to a special cutter that cuts the boot pattern into a hard fiber substance. The rigid pattern is then laid out on a sheet of leather, and the design is then cut into the leather.

The pieces of leather that will make one boot are sent to the sewing room and sewn together. Before the stitching begins the edges of the leather pieces are compressed or flattened to form smooth seams.

Then the leather pieces are sewn together to make the top portion of the boot without the sole. Before the sole is attached to the boot, a solid plastic form is placed inside the bottom of the boot.


The boot instep is heated to fit over the foot form and stretched to fit the inner sole. The upper boot is glued to the sole, excess leather is stretched over the sole and stuck to it. Then the glue is put on the bottom of the inner sole and sent to another station where the outer sole is glued to the bottom of the boot.

Heat is applied to make the sole stick very tight to the bottom of the boot. The boot is run through a cooler to harden the glue and cool things down. Once the boot is out of the cooler, a worker removes the form from inside the boot.

Then another sole is attached by nails and sent on to have the toe slider added to the boot by using screws. The motorcycle boot is now ready to box up and sent to the market.

Now that you know how they’re made, it will be easy to hop onto Wicked Stock and get the motorcycle protective gear that best suits your needs.

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