How to Choose Best Motorcycle Rain Gear


You have your sweet ride and your jacket, and you have already had some great, memorable rides. Now that the seasons are changing, and the rain is coming, it is time to have a look at some wet weather gear. It is never fun to get rained on while you are out for a ride. This post will help you pick out the best motorcycle wet weather pants and jackets for the conditions where you live. Make sure you have a look at wicked stock for all the best products.


What are Different Types of Rain Gear?

Let’s get started! First off, I will take you through the two main ways to stay dry on your ride. We have rain proofing and rain gear. Exciting stuff!

Rain Proofing:

We call it rain proofing or water proofing when you have a material such as rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) applied to your jacket, boots and pants. This will help keep the water from being absorbed into the material. This means you stay dry all the time. Handy if you are caught in an unexpected shower. It does mean that you would have to get all your riding gear done or be stuck having only the one water proof set. That can be a bit on the costly side because let’s be honest, what serious rider has only one set of gear?

Rain Gear:

Rain gear goes over what you are wearing. Using Durable Water Repellant (DWR) fabric, it offers you the best rain protection. Water proofing often gets faults in the seams, and this lets in water. Rain gear has the advantage of sealing the stitching to give maximum rain protection. You get to choose which outfit you are going to take on the ride and wear it until the rain starts. On the down side you must store the rain gear on the motorcycle so it will take up room. If the rain is heavy, you could be soaked before you find a place to stop!

Some of the Rain Gear You Could Get

Now I am going to take you through some of the products you can buy on wicked stock. These are things like: rain proof motorcycle jackets, rain proof motorcycle pants, and one and two-piece rain proof motorcycle gear.


Rain proof motorcycle jackets, and rain proof motorcycle pants, slip easily over your current gear, be it leather or mesh. They come in all sizes and have Hi-Viz paneling, so you are seen in the down pour. We all know that the only thing more dangerous than the conditions are the other drivers who may not see bikers in dim light.

The other great option is to get a rain suit. These come in one piece and two pieces. The one-piece fits right over you just like a jump suit or onesie. Pull over get it on and stay dry. The two-piece is a jacket and pants, you get to have them matching, it needs to look good. A couple of other items you could think about adding, are rain covering for you boots (no one like wet feet), and rain gloves. Both are great additions especially if you are going to be riding in the rain for a prolonged time. Wet, cold feet and hands can be a real downer.

So that is a bit about the rain gear you can get. There are a lot of different options to suit every rider. Head over to wicked stock and have a look at the range. They are professionals and can answer any question you may have. Wicked stock has a massive range of top-quality rain jackets that won’t break the bank.

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