How to Keep Control During Downhill Curves


Navigating through downhill curves is one of the more difficult tasks to perform when you are a motorcycle rider. Many riders, both new and veteran, injure themselves and anyone with them when they start driving downhill, and they don’t know how to drive down a winding hill properly. Even driving downhill in a straight line is tough, as you have to control the motorcycle and keep yourself from losing control.

How to control your motorcycle when driving on downhill curves?


Don’t Lean Your Motorcycle Too Quickly

If you lean over too fast, you might use too much of your body’s strength and lean over too far. This could cause your motorcycle to fall over, and you could scrape your body all over the pavement. If you fear becoming a skid on the road, then you should look into buying some motorcycle protective jackets. These types of jackets are armored and don’t rip as easily when they come into contact with the pavement. You should also pick up for yourself a few pairs of motorcycle riding gloves. It’s easier to hold onto your motorcycle’s handles when you are steering, and your hand won’t be damaged so badly if you catch yourself if the motorcycle falls over.

Take Care of Your Motorcycle’s Tires

When you have tires that are old or overused, the tires will look sanded down, and they won’t have the groves and divots needed to maintain good traction on asphalt. Many motorcycle accidents can be attributed to worn-out tires, and speeding down a downhill curve only adds more danger to the situation.

If you ever feel like your tires don’t have enough traction when you’re in the middle of driving on the freeway, you need to be prepared to stop. In this case, make sure to have men’s leather bike pants. You will have to protect your legs in case you have to get on the ground and check out your motorcycle. Leather pants are durable and can handle being roughed up.


Slow Down the Speed Before the Downhill Curve Starts

Many riders slow their motorcycle’s speed when they are already driving down the hill, but this is not the safest way to slow your speed. If you slow down even before you drive into the curve, you’ll be able to steer your motorcycle more easily. Also, if you need to stop, you won’t have to stop as quickly or need more room on the freeway to stop safely. When you look down the road, and there is no one coming, try to drive closer to the dividing line so you have a better view of the upcoming curve and when it ends. If you see a vehicle coming from the other side, then you can move back to the middle of your lane. Watch out for other drivers that are not slowing down on curves because their foolish actions could kill you too.

And if you realize that you’re going to fast when you’re already traveling downhill, do not slam on the breaks. Doing that could cause your motorcycle to go off balance, and you will get into a crash. If you do crash, you should have protective gear on your body, so the gear can take the brunt of the impact and not your internal organs. A brown leather motorcycle jacket will protect your chest and arms in the event of a crash.

In all cases, going downhill is not the time to goof off on your motorcycle or stop paying attention. If you don’t have any of the gear that was mentioned in this article, you can go over to and start building up your gear and supplies. Don’t wait until your first crash to start buying the right supplies. Visit our Facebook and Twitter Page today.

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