How to Prepare For a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

You’ve been talking about it with your friends for forever. You’re finally going on that cross-country motorcycle trip.

The First Step

The nice weather is upon us. Many people will be wanting to get out on the road with their motorcycles.

The first thing you want to do is decide where you are going and who will go with you. How far do you want to travel? Will it be a day trip or perhaps a weekend jaunt?

Some people will plan to spend their whole vacation on their motorcycle. Whatever you decide, there are a few important points to remember.

Packing For Your Trip

The first thing to remember is that you just don’t have as much space on your motorcycle that you would in your car.

A very good thing to have would be leather saddle bags. You could get a lot of your things stashed away in there if you a) pack light and b) be creative.

You will want the basics such as rain gear including but not limited to motorcycle leather jackets, gloves, leather motorcycle vests, and pants. Something warm and waterproof will make your run a whole lot nicer.

You will want some basic tools for maintenance on your motorcycle. Also, a first aid kit would be wise.

Side note: Be sure to have plenty of cash and a credit card. You never know what unfortunate surprises can pop up on the road. If your bike brakes down and you have to be towed to the shop for some expensive repairs, you wouldn’t want the trip to be cut short because of lack of funds.

Another good tip is when packing your clothes, roll them up rather than folding them. This will allow you more space on the bike for your other needs.  And don’t forget to keep a pair of Men leather motorcycle pants and jackets.

Now, of course, you can stop along the road at convenience stores. But it might be a good idea to pack a little water and non-perishable snacks.

Don’t be afraid to use trash bags to cover your rolled- up clothes. They may not look fancy, but it will keep your stuff dry if you get caught in the rain.

Let’s Get That Motorcycle Ready To Roll

The success of your cross-country run is going to depend a lot on the performance of your motorcycle. It would probably be a good idea to get it into a trusted mechanic for a once over. They can check the fluids, tires and the general condition of the engine to assure you a completely fun filled trip.

You’re going to be adding extra weight to your motorcycle with all your gear for the trip, including leather vests and gloves, and also Waterproof Motorcycle Pants for Men. Make sure and check the owner’s manual for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and try to stay under the max limit.

You may want to or ask your mechanic to tighten the suspension and totally inflate the tires.

Once you have the bike all packed up, take it out for a test drive. Ride around town with all the extra weight on it and get used to the feel. You probably don’t want to experience this for the first time while leaving early in the morning on your trip.

Working out the Details

Sleeping arrangements. You may want to camp out along the way. Make sure you know where the campgrounds are ahead of time so you don’t end up at a rest stop or even in a dangerous spot along the highway.

Many people will prefer to stay in hotels and motels while on their cross-country trip. Nothing at all wrong with this, but like the campgrounds, make sure and plan ahead knowing where the hotels are and making reservations if needed.

Also, make sure that your identification and insurance papers are up to date and in a safe place.

For people who plan to legally carry a firearm, of course make sure you have your carry permit. But also check the laws of other states that you may cross through. Some may be reciprocal with your home state as far as the carry permit, but if not, you need to know how to separate your gun and ammo for packing it away. Protection is good, but don’t let a stupid mistake ruin your trip.

Time to Hit the Road

Okay. You’re all packed up. Your motorcycle is ready. You attained all your necessary leather gear from

Now it’s time to Hit the Road!

Happy Riding

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