How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles have a plethora of advantages compared to cars, especially when it comes to space and parking, but cars are the better bet when it comes to safety and anti-theft. Unfortunately, it is simple for someone to steal a motorcycle from a person’s home or just off the street. However, there are few things a motorcycle owner can do to make it more difficult for a person to steal their bike.

Park in a Safe Area

An empty parking lot down an alleyway may seem like a sweet fine, especially in a crowded city, but think again. If you park your motorcycle in a shady, suspicious area, the chances of it being stolen grow exponentially. Parking a motorcycle in a place where no one can see it makes it easier for thieves to boost it, especially if no one from the street can see them. Choose your next parking spot wisely and, no matter how much of a rush you are in, don’t park it in an area that you don’t trust.

Also, if you are in a big city, look for other motorcycles to park next to. One lone motorcycle out on the street might be a target, but not 3 or 4 motorcycles in one or two parking spaces. Someone will be watching, and it will be much less likely that a single bike is stolen, let alone three or four.

 Use A GPS Device

If you want to embrace the power of technology to prevent your motorcycle from Bingo depart by thieves, then attach a GPS device somewhere on your bike. It will not prevent it from being stolen, but once you discover that your bike is gone, you can quickly run over to the police and show them your GPS tracking signal. They’ll be able to find the person who took your motorcycle at a much faster speed than if you did not have a GPS device. If you are not good with tech, but you still want to use this option, then watch a couple of YouTube tutorials on GPS devices on motorcycles and be sure to purchase long-lasting batteries. Be sure not to place it anywhere where it can get damaged from the rain. And if it is raining, you should also wear a motorcycle rain suit or waterproof motorcycle pants. See How Does Waterproof Rain Gear Work?

Safety First

All in all, be sure to use good judgment whenever you park your motorcycle somewhere. And take any precautions that you can, even if that means king the money to do so. Yes, free parking behind a building looks like the easy way, especially when most parking in big cities is $10 to $20. But you’ll be kicking yourself when you round the corner and see your motorcycle is gone. So don’t try to save money or time by parking in a sketchy area. One quick and easy way to find safe parking is to park across the street at the gas station or grocery store and cross the street to your destination. Your bike will be surrounded by people who have no interest in motorcycles and just want to do their daily chores. This technique is one great way to park for free but just be ready for the foot traffic.

But before you even get on your motorcycle, you need to wear the right type of clothing that keeps your body safe from the elements and in the event of a crash. Don’t be caught wearing little flip flops and small shorts while speeding 70 down the freeway. You need to wear a thick motorcycle riding jacket and a well-made leather biker vest. But where can you find all of these clothes and for an amazing price? Go to to find everything you need and more!

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