How to Ruin Your Track Day


Nothing like being in the race while honing better riding skills.

Tack day is usually an excellent opportunity to hone your racing skills, which will help you be a better street rider. Many riders don’t make it through track day for many reasons, and that could mean expensive bike repairs or a trip to the ER.

Truth is track day is hard on street motorcycles as you will be pushing yourself and your bike much harder. Remember track day is not race day; it is a chance to improve your street riding skills.

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Your Bike Is Not Prepped

When invitations are sent out for track day, they include instructions for having your motorcycle ready for the track. Track day requires that your bike’s cooling system if fluid cooled, be charged with propylene glycol or distilled water,   not ethylene glycol.

Taping lenses and rearview mirrors 

All the lenses and rearview mirrors must be taped to protect them from breaking when rocks and pebbles hit them. The broken shards can damage the tires of the other bikes on the track. The point here is to check every working component of your bike to be sure they will work as intended at the track.

You get to the track, your bike doesn’t meet the requirements for track day, what then? You will spend a lot of time fixing the problems, or you will not be allowed to participate. Arrive at the track on track day wearing Men’s Motorcycle Leather Racing Jackets everyone will know you are serious about improving your riding skills. After you get to track day, there are two events that you must attend.

Riders Meeting

This meeting is mandatory as it is where the track day officials will brief the riders on the dos and don’ts of the event. Track rules are discussed, and often newbie riders will be paired with experienced riders to guide them along. This meeting is where everything one needs to know about track day is explained.

Bike Inspection

Pre-race inspection

This is also mandatory as the bikes that will be operated on the track are inspected by expert mechanics to verify if they are track worthy. Showing up to track day without prepping your bike will result in you not being allowed to ride at the worse. At best, losing a good part of track day making your bike right. Prep your bike before you arrive at the track. At the bike inspection, you will stand out wearing your Motorcycle Racing Suits for Men with extra back protection.

Getting Your Bike to the Track

You worked kinda late into the night, and it’s track day you have to get your bike to the track. Some riders will ride their bikes to the track and allow enough time to tape up. Others load their bikes into the bed of a pickup truck or onto a bike trailer along with all the additional gear needed for track day. Bike trailers can be rented from local rental agencies or companies like U-Haul.

Do not forget to throw in about 5 extra gallons of gas to play it safe. The good thing about hauling your bike to track day, if something does go wrong, you have a way to get home.

You Know More Than Anyone Else – Bad Attitude

Your attitude will take you a lot further on track day than your experience as you have come to learn. Come across that you are the best there is, and your track day may be a flop. The valuable lessons that can be learned will be lost on your over-inflated ego.

As you do your laps, control riders are watching. When you return to the pits, they will explain what you are doing right or might be doing wrong. You get defensive, what could be a learning experience might become a failure to communicate. Your riding skills will show no improvement.

Give It a Chance 

Track day is an event that allows riders to work on their riding skills by riding around the race track at faster speeds than usual. Be responsive to those who are aiming to correct your bad skills into excellent skills. The whole purpose of going to track day is to become a better street rider.

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