How to Take Care of Your Leathers

You went out and bought yourself the best motorcycle you could afford. Next, you stocked up on all that leather gear. If you are a smart rider, you got yourself few nice men motorcycle leather racing jackets and a pair of leather chaps or motorcycle pants. Let’s say you went all out and got yourself a leather motorcycle vest and some leather riding gloves.

Keeping Them Nice Looking For Years to Come

You spent a nice bit of your hard-earned money on all these accessories. And why not? You deserve it. You want to look good and be protected while out zooming around the countryside on your motorcycle.

Well, everything looks sharp when it’s brand new, but what about after a few rides? You get coated with road dust. You might even get caught in an unexpected rain storm. Your nice shiny motorcycle leather is going to get a bit dull. What can you do?

A Few Tips for Cleaning and Preserving Your Leather

First off, make your new leather motorcycle jackets and pants/chaps water resistant by applying a good silicone polymer or acrylic copolymer spray. While this will protect your leather from water damage, you just cannot make your motorcycle leather completely waterproof. Never put your leather in a washing machine. We will discuss cleaning later in this article.

When your leather jacket or pants begin to feel dry or stiff, apply a little leather conditioner to them. Use this sparingly though because too much can cause discoloration of the garment.

For special occasions, you can use a little bit of leather polish on a smooth leather jacket to shine it up. But always test on a spot that won’t be seen to make sure it will not stain. And never use shoe polish, even it is for leather shoes.

Got a little salt or road dust on your jacket or pants? Just wipe it off with a damp cloth. And always hang up a wet motorcycle jacket and let it dry naturally. If the leather becomes really soaked, like maybe getting caught in a rainstorm, you could apply a small amount of conditioner after it dries completely.

Now, sometimes you can end up with stains on your leather motorcycle jacket or pants. Take them to a Dry Cleaner that specializes in cleaning leather products.

I will repeat a statement from earlier: Never wash your leather in a washing machine. This could damage it and lessen the life of your leather garments.

Storing Your Leather Motorcycle Jacket

As the riding season comes to a close in the late fall to early winter, you may want to think about storing your leather motorcycle jacket in the closet until spring.

This is fine but first, take some precautions. Take your leather jacket to the Dry Cleaners and have it freshened up for its long winter nap. This could also apply to leather motorcycle pants or chaps.

After cleaning, place them on a large padded or wooden hanger. A thin wire hanger will push out the corners and make it unsightly. The ideal situation would be to place them in a cloth garment bag. Not plastic because you want the leather to breathe while stashed away in a cool dry place for the winter.

Your Leather Will Give You Years of Pleasure

Well, there you have it. Take good care of all your leather products and they will provide you with years of comfort, protection, and fashion.

All of these tips can be used to protect your leather gloves too. Even leather saddle bags that some motorcyclists prefer on their bikes.

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Happy Riding!

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