Is It Important To Wear Motorcycle Protective Gear?


You often see people riding motorcycles wearing shorts, tank-top, and sandals. What do you think will happen when the scanty clad has to lay down their motorcycles on the hard pavement?

This is a road rash caused by sliding on the pavement without proper protective gear.


Road rash is an injury caused by sliding on your back or side across gravel or pavement after laying the motorcycle down. When you choose to ride a motorcycle, you take your life/safety into your own hands. You are sitting on top of a two-wheeled vehicle that is not enclosed. There is no protection in an accident unless you are wearing protective gear.

Be Protected

Protective motorcycle gear comes in several forms:

  • Helmets.
  • Jackets.
  • Gloves.
  • Pants.
  • Motorcycle Boots.

When you’re riding a motorcycle, sometimes the accident you get in is caused by the other driver. If you’re not wearing the proper motorcycle protective gear, it could result in very severe injuries or even death.

If you believe motorcycle protective gear is too expensive, then wait until you experience a 50 mile per hour slide on highway pavement to prove you wrong. Protective apparel designed to protect your body from extensive injury in an accident is worth every penny you paid for it.

The attitude Why bother with motorcycle gear likely gets you injured or killed. Let’s look at the motorcycle gear that’ll protect you when you need it.

The Helmet: Live to think another day.

In the US 47 states require helmets while riding motorcycles on public roadways. The helmet you choose to wear must meet the Department of Transportation safety requirements.

Should you choose not to wear a helmet, consider the following statistics associated with wearing a helmet. In motorcycle-related accidents, the leading cause of death is a traumatic brain injury. The cost of treating traumatic brain injuries is 13 times higher than treating other injuries.

The possibility of dying from a head injury is reduced by 37% when wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 69%. What to look for when purchasing a helmet:

Full-Face Helmet:

Protects your face and eyes from disfiguring injuries, flying debris or gravel, and it also keeps insects off your teeth.

Proper Fit:

Getting the right fit is also key to having a helmet that protects you adequately. The helmet should fit your head snuggly and can’t be turned with your hands while holding your head still.

The Motorcycle Jacket:

A well-made motorcycle jacket will protect you against broken bones, road rash, and will protect your internal organs. In selecting the safest motorcycle jacket possible do consider the following:

Body Armor

The more body armor the jacket contains, the better you will be protected. Make sure the body armor is CE Rated to protect your spinal column, chest, rib cage, heart, and lungs.


The jacket should fit you correctly so that the body armor can be inserted without being uncomfortable. The jacket should fit snug but not tight this allows the body armor to sit in the right spots to protect you in case of an accident.

Motorcycle Armor Leather Jackets or High-Viz Motorcycle Jackets are excellent choices for a good fit.


Ventilation is essential when riding in warm or hot weather. The vents allow for body cooling by letting air flow through vents placed at different locations on the jacket. Motorcycle Mesh Jackets are the right choice for ventilated rides in hot weather.

Motorcycle Pants

Designed to prevent road rash on butt, legs and thighs motorcycle pants are your best option. Denim jeans are okay for around town, but the highway calls for well-made protective motorcycle pants. They come in two types:


They normally breathe well, are washable, and usually not as expensive as leather. The drawback, only good until you crash or lay your bike down, buy extra pairs. Hi-Visibility Motorcycle Pants for Men are great for visibility, offer excellent fit and comfortable for long rides.

Leather Pants

Leather motorcycle pants can weather several accidents and will last for years. A little more spendy than textile pants, they fit well and are easy to break-in.

Motorcycle Gloves

More important than some riders think, gloves protect your hands from injury should you lay the bike down. They should be resistant to water and protect from the wind and cold weather. Motorcycle gloves should protect knuckles, palms, and back of the hands. A well-made motorcycle glove should protect your palm if you catch yourself in a fall by sliding on the pavement and absorbing the impact.

Motorcycle Leather Gloves for Men are made to give your hands the best protection possible. If you ride your motorcycle around town, wearing street clothes may be okay, but there is little or no protection if you go down. To be fully protected on the long rides, the best safety practice is to wear motorcycle protective gear designed to protect.

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  1. Henry Killingsworth says:

    Wow, it’s amazing that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle can reduce the chances of getting a head injury by 69 percent. I would think that it would be important to use the right kind of face shield and other accessories when wearing a helmet. That way your head can be comfortable and you don’t have to worry about things hitting your face or getting in your eyes.

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