Is Riding A Motorcycle More Dangerous Than Driving A Car?


It is the responsibility of every driver to keep them and every other driver safe on the road. Following traffic laws and using proper safety gear are the best ways to do that. If you are a rider, you can get safety gear like helmet, boots, leather motorcycle jackets and leather motorcycle pants to keep you safe. Depending on weather conditions you can also opt for mesh biker jackets and motorcycle mesh pants.

Risk Factors

There are many risks on the road for a motorcycle rider, for example, bad weather, external elements, potholes, and other bad drivers. Streets collect oils over the time, and after the first rain, it can bring those oils out and make the roads slippery. Fatigue and absence of rest is another hazard factor. Daylight and sun glare can dazzle drivers and riders, which can easily lead to an accident. Stay aware of all these risks and make adjustments to your schedule if needed.

Lane Splitting

While it might seem unsafe to the individuals who have never done lane splitting, it is very common for motorcycle riders to shift lanes continuously. This is one of the biggest traffic hazards, and it causes many accidents according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). If you are riding a motorcycle, you need to be very careful about lane splitting as a wrong turn can lead to a fatal accident.


Getting hit by a car, as you can think is not a good situation. It’s a standard guideline to expect the cars around you don’t see you coming, and you have to ride accordingly. All those riders who do not keep this in mind are at high risk. As per statistics of the NHTSA getting hit by a car is very common for motorcycle riders.

Accident Rates

The NHTSA accounts that 13 cars out of each 100,000 are Involved in a deadly accident while on the other hand, the number of fatal accidents for motorcycles are 72 out of each 100,000. This statistic shows motorcyclists face 51/2  times more risk of a fatal accident for every mile traveled as compared to a car.

Injuries and Fatalities

Injuries and fatalities involved in accidents can be highly minimized by use of protective gear. For a car driver using a seat belt is necessary for safety but on the other hand, motorcycle riders need to use helmet, boots, protective jackets and pants to keep them safe in crashes.

How You Can Limit the Dangers

Wearing quality protective gear is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe in accidents. The helmet is not the only essential gear for a motorcycle rider as you also need to keep your legs and upper body safe.  Leather is one of the best materials you can get to minimize the risk of abrasion and injury. To keep your upper body safe, you can use a leather motorcycle jacket or textile motorcycle jacket. Mesh biker jackets will keep you cool and safe at the same time. To keep legs safe, you can use leather motorcycle pants or mesh motorcycle pants or even motorcycle mesh pants.  The only way to keep yourself safe while riding a motorcycle is by wearing the best safety gear and following the applicable traffic rules.

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Happy riding!!

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