Items Every Motorcycle Rider Needs In Their Emergency Kit

Items Every Motorcycle Rider Needs In Their Emergency Kit

Who doesn’t enjoy a spontaneous weekend road trip where all you have between yourself, and the night sky is a sleeping bag and a sturdy tent? Most motorcycle riders plan a weekend trip every couple of months because it is so easy to merge onto the freeway and drive away from their weekday 9-5. All you must do to get away for a few days is slip on your leather motorcycle jacket, buy yourself a fresh packet of biker vest patches, and hit the road.

Well, it’s almost that easy. There are still a few essential items you need to acquire before you go out. These items are a part of your travel emergency kit, and they are an absolute necessity. You might not need them, but it is better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Emergency kit Items

Add more items if you wish, but these emergency kit items are essential and should not be left out. You can find these items in most medical supply stores. If you buy an emergency kit, make sure all these items are included. These are also great items to give another person if you have extras. Wrap an item or two below in a brand-new pair of leather motorcycle pants and give them both as a gift!

  • Soap – rest stops cannot be trusted
  • A bottle of water – can flush out wounds with gravel and dirt as well as hydrate you
  • Antibacterial ointment – don’t let an infection ruin your trip!
  • Bandages and dressings – for cuts big and small
  • A tourniquet – if you are bleeding profusely, a tourniquet will prevent you from losing too much blood.
  • A wound dressing that stops bleeding – some dressings have coagulant chemicals that stop bleeding faster than your normal bodily system
  • Flashlight and tweezers – a splinter between your fingers won’t kill you, but you will welcome death after every sharp movement you experience
  • Sunscreen – the sun is no one’s friend!
  • A compact bag that keeps water and dirt out
  • A large freezer-grade Ziploc bag

Some of these items are small enough so that they fit in the pocket of your motorcycle rain suit. It is important to have all these items with you, especially when you are camping instead of renting motels and hotels. If you can think of any other important items, please let us know and we will happily expand our list!

After you have all these items packed away in your emergency medical kit, then you can finally hit the road! Before you ride, do not forget that Reckless Motorcycle Riding Is Irresponsible either you have prepared your emergency kit or not.

Oh, wait! Sorry, I forget to mention one little thing. Is all your motorcycle gear prepared and ready to go? Has any of your gear worn out or has patches missing? If you have a few pieces of gear that are past the point of no return, then it is time to go shopping for brand new motorcycle gear!

Owning high-quality motorcycle gear is essential. You shouldn’t even be out on the road unless you are dressed in gear from head to toe. I understand that buying gear is not a fun activity for cash-strapped motorcycle riders but knowing where to shop can help you discover great deals on high-quality gear.

One of the best places to shop for motorcycle gear is This online motorcycle gear store has everything you need to ride your motorcycle safely, and you will look good doing it too. Check out their, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to see all their gear and learn about any upcoming sales.

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