Millennials and Motorcycles – How to Bring Them Together


Cars outnumber motorcycles on the road by at least ten to one. There will never be as many motorcycles as there are cars, but that is expected. As long as the motorcycle community stays strong and maintains its numbers, we will always have a place on the road. That is if we can keep the community going. Studies have shown that Millennials are not buying motorcycles as much as older generations. They’re uninterested, they can’t afford the upkeep, and they need more space than a motorcycle can give them. So how do we motorcycle and community and motorcycle manufacturers make themselves more appealing to the generation that is now turning 30?

No, not avocado toast.

The motorcycling Community can reach Millennials by using social media and addressing millennial needs.

Here are a few great methods to build up millennial interest in motorcycles.

Make Motorcycles More Fuel-Efficient

The average motorcycle has 4.5 gallons of gas. So if a motorcycle gets 20 miles to the gallon, it’s only able to travel 90 miles. If motorcycle manufacturers want Millennials to be more interested in motorcycles, they need to up this fuel efficiency. There are many cars now that have better efficiency and can get up to 40 miles to the gallon. The Prius mpg is over 50 miles to the gallon! What a massive difference! Not only can a Prius travel farther on a single gallon of gas, but the owner of a Prius can also save money and not need to fill up your tank so much.

Motorcycle engines may not be able to get up to 50 miles to the gallon, but they may be able to reach 25 miles or 30. Fuel efficiency will Spark the interests of millennials, especially those who are in the cities. For those who live in the crowded city, owning a vehicle that is small enough to weave through traffic and gets enough miles to the gallon that they don’t have to spend their money and fill up their gas tank every few days will be appealing.


More Instagram Promotion

Everyone who is a millennium uses Instagram. Facebook is for the older generation like moms and your old PE coach. Motorcycle-centered companies need to be on Instagram with an active campaign that draws in the young with interactive videos, funny memes, special deals, and events.

Besides the memes, motorcycle companies can appeal to Millennials by integrating stories and adventure into their social media campaigns. As Millennials grow in their careers and earn more money, they are not purchasing luxury items like their elders once did. Instead, Millennials value experience and learning new things. A company shows how their motorcycle can improve their lives, bring them adventure, and show them a new world; they are more likely to connect on Instagram with the young.

Improve Safety

When you compare the accident fatality rates of motorcycles versus vehicles, the rider of a motorcycle is at least 5to 6 times more likely to die from a crash than the driver of a car. Motorcycles need their safety improved, or else any millennial interest in motorcycles will be short-lived without a rise in purchases. One way to increase safety is to add AI to motorcycles. This is happening all over the world for cars, and now there are self-driving cars available to purchase. These cars are much safer and will prevent fatal accidents from happening. Creating a self-driving motorcycle will prevent lane-splitting and stop near-fatal misses when turning from left lanes. If motorcycle safety is improved, then they will develop a safer reputation, and more people will live when they get into accidents or avoid accidents completely. That sounds like a winner to me.

Once a millennial purchases a motorcycle, they will need reliable safety gear to protect themselves in case of a crash. The motorcycle protective jacket and the brown leather motorcycle jacket are reliable jackets that protect your spine from an impact. Another great piece of protective clothing to own is leather motorcycle gloves. You won’t lose your grip on your motorcycle’s handle when you wear these gloves. And when the rain comes, wearing a motorcycle rain suit will keep you from getting sick. You can get all of these useful items at! OR visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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