Motorcycle Gear Storage – The Power Of The Saddlebag!

Motorcycle Gear Storage - The Power Of The Saddlebag!

I love my motorcycle. I love the feelings I experienced whenever I sit on the seat, and I can’t describe how empowering it is to feel the wind in my hair while I’m traveling down an endless highway road with nature and canyons on either side of me. If it wasn’t for my job, I don’t think I would ever want to own a car. When I finally quit my job, I will hand the company car’s keys to my manager and turn away from my work truck without a second thought. I belong on a motorcycle and my motorcycle belongs in my garage.

However, despite my innate and powerful love for my motorcycle, I will agree that there are a few major issues that motorcycle manufacturers have to address in the future. The first issue would be with developing electric motorcycles. I don’t want them to be glorified high-speed scooters. I want to own an electric motorcycle that is as fast and effective as a Tesla or a Prius. Well, there are some fast, Exotic, and Inexpensive Motorcycles, that you may want to Get One for Yourself.

The second issue I want to see improved by motorcycle manufacturers is the amount of storage on a motorcycle. Now, I’m not living in a fantasy world. Storage will always be a major issue on a motorcycle since there’s no backseat, trunks, or even passenger seat. But I know motorcycle manufacturers can create new attachable devices that allow for at least an extra for storage. It may not sound like a lot to a car or truck driver, but a foot of extra storage can help motorcyclists to store their extra leather jackets, motorcycle rain suit, and a pair of motorcycle riding gloves.


1 attachable device that can improve the storage capacity on a motorcycle is a saddlebag. Long ago, saddlebags and other motorcycle attachments used to be quite expensive. But thanks to new technology and improved manufacturing, the price of saddlebags have come down and most motorcyclists can afford to attach them to their motorcycles for extra storage.

When you purchase a saddlebag, several features extend how long it lasts and its upkeep. Here are the features you need to look for when you purchase a saddlebag.

  • Multiple smaller compartments in the larger bags
  • Waterproof stitching
  • Easy to clean, can be wiped down in most cases
  • Rainproof
  • Can fit more than 15 liters of storage in each bag

Before I purchased my saddlebag, I was always juggling with wearing backpacks, purses, and rucksacks. Believe me, I would much rather try to sit on two saddlebags than ever drive across the state carrying all of my items in a backpack on my back. My back still won’t forgive me for using a backpack.

No matter how ergonomic your backpack is, it’s much easier on your spine, shoulders, and hips to store your items in a saddlebag. Plus, when you use a Saddleback, you will have the storage capacity of 2 backpacks so you can store more important items, like a leather biker vest, and some snacks.

Get Your Gear!

Hopefully, I have convinced you how useful unnecessary saddlebags are. I have three types of saddlebags and I use each one for different occasions. So, hopefully, you are considering which saddlebag you should buy right now. In my opinion, I always love getting saddlebags that have tons of little different compartments so it’s easy for me to order my stuff, especially when I’m traveling for days at a time. Before you go out and buy a saddlebag, make sure you have all the appropriate here to keep you safe from the elements and highway accidents.

If you’re looking for a great site to find high-quality gear and bags that won’t destroy your budget, I suggest you go to the prices are excellent, and they always have a sale going on so you’re likely to score important gear at a great price. They have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page, so you can see how all of their outfits fit on real people.

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