Motorcycle Riding Formations: Why They Are Important

Motorcycle Riding Formations

Riding in a formation with tens to hundreds of other bikers is the dream of many boys, girls, and exhausted office workers. Imagine sitting on a loud and heavy motorcycle while going 60 miles an hour with your very own family like a tight-knit motorcycle gang. It’s nothing but you, your makeshift family, and the open road. And if all of you are wearing the same American eagle jackets mens, well, that makes the experience even better.

When a large group of motorcycles travels together, they can’t just choose any lane or area they feel like. To avoid collisions with other people in the group, they must be in a planned formation. Motorcycle groups that are better coordinated and have more concern for the riders’ safety will be in a formation every time they set out.

If you have ever seen an old-school motorcycle gang, a type of game that is only populated by male riders with massive handlebar mustaches and Harley Davidson motorcycles, you can see that they do not ride in a formation. This is a dangerous way to ride in a motorcycle group or gang.

So if you want to one day have a motorcycle group of your own, you must learn to implement riding formations so motorcyclists won’t collide with each other. Plus, it will look badass as hell, as long as you wear a men’s leather moto jacket while you do it.

Now that you know your group must ride in formation, you must decide which formation. Learn Do’s and Don’ts for Group Motorcycle Riding.

If this is your first time creating information, then the best one to go with is military formation. It is one of the basic riding formations, and it is quite easy to do. Depending on how long your formation line is, your group will need either one formation captain or one captain at the front and one or two in the middle or two sections.

The positions of these riding captains are to give signals to everyone else in the group, and everyone can see them. The military formation is a staggered one, and all motorcycles have to be at least 2 seconds of stopping time away from each other. 

Although it is a straight line, it is more like two lines of motorcyclists centered around an invisible straight line. All of the motorcyclists should be able to see at least one of the riding captains to see their instructions.

Before taking your next big road trip with your motorcycle group, practice implementing this formation on a nearby empty road or freeway. And make sure everyone has their motorcycle racing pants on in case you want to have a little fun after everyone completes their practice.

No one wishes to be the nerd of the group, but instructing everyone to ride in a formation keeps everyone at a safe distance from each other. A formation prevents motorcycle accidents and keeps everybody’s organs off the road and in their bodies. But there is one thing that everyone must do before riding in a formation, and that is selecting well-made, high-quality motorcycle gear to protect you from the elements and the asphalt.

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