Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in a Developing Country


You ride a motorcycle in the US and want to travel to other countries by motorcycle. Shipping your motorcycle to the foreign destination takes weeks or even months of planning. There are plenty of professional companies that specialize in shipping bikes by airfreight or by the sea that can advise you how it is done.

Before You Depart:

The to-do list to be completed during the planning stage of your international motorcycle tour:

  • Get a passport and any visas needed and make sure your passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Get vaccinated and carry your shot record with you.
  • Take enough prescription medicines along first aid kit to last the entire trip.
  • Take necessary motorcycle gears with you.

Other Things to Do

Scan your travel documents into your cell phone, you don’t have to be online to retrieve them. Get international calling from your cell phone service provider. Some countries will accept a US driver’s license others require that you also carry a driving permit for that country.

Also, get international insurance for your motorcycle and overseas health insurance. Some countries charge an exit/entry fee, so know what the costs are in advance.


It is not uncommon to see multiple riders while touring SE Asia.

Destination: South East Asia

Well, despite all the planning and preparations, you are finally in the first country of your motorcycle tour, SE Asia. Let’s say Thailand just so you know this country has a motorcycle death rate that is 4 times greater than the rest of Asia and 6 times greater than the rest of the world.

Tips for Motorcycling in Asia

Wear a helmet, if an accident occurs, your head is protected. In Asia, many riders do not wear helmets, and the death toll is very high because of no helmet. While you are at it wear suitable protective clothing like a Men Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.

Rent Instead Of Shipping

If you decided to rent a motorcycle or scooter instead of shipping yours from the US, there is something to remember. You may rent a scooter or motorcycle for a few US dollars per day the real scam comes when you return the vehicle. Dishonest vendors may claim damage to the motorcycle to extort extra money from you. Take photos or videos of the motorcycle or scooter you rent and point out any scratches or damage before you pay the vendor.


It is best to exchange money in the country at the banks, as hotels offer lousy exchange rates. Get plenty of cash as some of the petrol pumps (gas stations) don’t take credit cards. When you cross into another country, do so at international border crossings. Have all your papers in order, and things should go smoothly.


Motorcycles and mopeds are everywhere

Travel Safely

Riding motorcycles, motorbikes, or scooters in SE Asia such as Thailand can be dangerous. You are willing to take the risk, here are some safety tips.

Thieves Are Everywhere

  • Wear a money belt under your clothing such as a Mesh Biker Jacket.
  • Snatch and grab is a method of relieving tourists of bags, watches, and cameras, hold on tight.
  • Place bags between rider and driver while riding on a motorcycle.
  • Valuables placed in baskets on bicycles or motorcycles will most likely be stolen.

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