Motorcycles, Oil & Coffee Grounds


Places that work on or sell motorcycles while serving you coffee.

The companionship of the ride has given rise to motorcycle shops that double as coffee shops. A place to work on your bike (DIY) or have it worked on by a mechanic while you enjoy a cup of brewed coffee and friends.

Here are a few coffee shops that are also garages to work on or sell motorcycles:

Brother Moto

670 Memorial Drive SE,
Unit C
Atlanta, GA 30312


Owned by friends Bobby K. Russell and Jared Erickson the business did not start to be what it is today. They did not plan to start a business; they needed a place to work on their motorcycles.

Brother Moto has transformed into a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Garage, coffee shop, with a motorcycle lifestyle brand. Their objective was to have a place where people could gather to work on their bikes, share experiences over a good cup of coffee.

Patrons of Brother Moto can become members of the club either as a social member or a garage member. Social members can go on the members-only rides, attend events and workshops. Social members do not have wrench privileges but can get a discount to work on their bikes at $20 a day.

Garage members have all the same privileges the social members do as well as DIY garage privileges which include daily use of tools and lifts. If you are ever in Atlanta, stop by Brother Moto and check out the coffee and the DIY garage and show off your Motorcycle Armor Leather Jackets.

Spoken Moto

3110 SW Industrial Way,
Bend, OR.  97702
Just past the Old Box Factory


Spoken Moto is a place where you can take a step back in time and savor vintage motorcycles, hand-roasted coffee, craft beer, and old school good times. A few years ago Brian Gingerich and Steve Buettner renovated an old run-down mechanics shop into a trendy hangout for motorcyclists.

The inspiration for Spoken Moto was Gingerich making a deal with an old motorcycle collector to buy some vintage Japanese motorcycles. Gingerich bought 53 of the old bikes; most of them vintage Japanese street bikes from the 1960s and ’70s; some were even two-strokers capable of breathing fire.

One thing leads to another, and friends came by to chat and watch Gingerich work on the old bikes.

Gingerich and Buettner made a bid on an old mechanic shop named “The Pine Shed,” the rest is Bend OR history. Spoken Moto serves coffee during the day, at night out comes barley hops brew and music.

On the weekends, there are group rides, rallies, charity benefits, whatever it takes to make the community of Bend a better place. When you ride through Bend, OR, stop in and say hello, and you will be noticed wearing your Leather Motorcycle Jackets.

Blip Coffee Roasters

1101 Mulberry St,
Kansas City, MO 64101


Blip a wholesale only coffee roaster, closed to the public was destroyed by fire in January 2016. Ian Davis owner of Blip said the fire shut the business down, and everything was lost.

Davis was able to re-open in April 2016 as a retail shop in an industrial area in the West Bottoms neighborhood of KC. Davis’ decision to open as retail was based partly on the response of people he hardly knew at the time of the fire.

People Davis did not know were running into his burning business, trying to help him save motorcycles from the back of the building. In the days of the wholesale operation, curious people would stick their heads in the door to see what was going on.

A conversation ensued, Davis would pour them coffee, and out of that came the Blip Sunday Meet-up. Davis and friends would meet at the roastery, drink coffee, chat, go out on a motorcycle run and is now known as Blimp Sunday Church.

The conversation now days centers around motorcycles, the finer aspects of coffee roasting, and anything else of interest. While you are cruising through Kansas City, MI, make a detour to Blip Roasters, wearing your Men Motorcycle Leather Racing Jackets.

Last Drop

Coffee shops combining motorcycle repairs or sales is a growing trend that has grown out of the need for bikers to gather with those of like mind. The coffee/motorcycle shops listed in this article all have their brand of products are sold through the business or online.

In your travels should you end up at one of these or any other shops like them, pick up a souvenir. Log onto Wicked Stock check out all the gear and apparel available like Motorcycle Jackets online or Motorcycle Winter Jackets for Men online.

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