Picking Out and Picking Up Your Purchase


So you paid close attention to the previous article on what to do when buying a used motorcycle. Today, we are going to go over some of the other little details you might not have thought about. When you are setting up the appointment make sure you know how you are going to be getting your new ride (not to mention yourself) home. If it is in tip-top shape and you love the idea of riding it home then make sure you get a plate (either new plates or from one of your other bikes if you must). If that’s the case then great you just need a ride over. But if it is a project you are going to need to get it home. Depending on the model you can use your own or a buddy’s pickup. Failing that you are going to want a trailer and you need to arrange this before you pay for it.

Legal Es

Maybe this is your first motorcycle and the price was perfect but you just don’t have a license. If that’s the case you need to bring someone you know who is licensed to take it for a spin and help you look it over. To that same point make sure you take a look at your state’s laws concerning what is required (i.e proof of sale, insurance) and put these things in order. No matter if you are as green as the grass or as seasoned as barbecue, guy or girl. Let people know where you are going and when. I hate to pull the wool off your eyes but you can’t trust everyone you meet on craigslist and showing up to a remote location with a stack of cash when nobody knows where you are going…well it’s just not being such a smart and reasonable person such as yourself.

Make a List and Check it Twice

With all that in mind before you head over for the purchase and pick up, write yourself a to-do list. If you need plates, bring them. Same with the proof of insurance and the name, address, and the number of the seller. Make your life easy so you aren’t going up and down one-way roads with a truck and trailer that is too big to turn around. If you are riding that motorcycle out then make sure you bring all your gear. Don’t get stuck in a t-shirt and shorts because you got a ride over when you needed your motorcycle protective jacket and textile motorcycle pants or if you live in the northwest your motorcycle rain gear. And just to be clear, if you are riding that motorcycle out of there then you are going to need to carry that helmet with you when you get on the bus to go meet the seller. Write yourself a list because it is easy to forget something when you are coming home differently than you are arriving. To that same point, don’t show up planning to put the motorcycle on a pickup or a trailer without the tie-downs.

Play It Safe

And if you haven’t seen or ridden the motorcycle before be sure to tell the seller to leave the bike cold until you get there. Hard starting and other issues are easier to hide sometimes with a warm bike. So just like we mentioned in the last post check the motorcycle cold, ride it (or your buddy does this) then check it again. Beware of any seller that has the motor running when you arrive and started revving it up in excitement at your approach. The first thing you should do is feel the pipes and make sure they are cold. If a seller doesn’t follow your instructions in preparation for the sale then you have every right to be suspicious. Your ride can be your life and you don’t need to be anybody’s fool.

Once you’ve followed these steps and you know this motorcycle is exactly what you want take a look at wickedstock.com and pick up some new gear to go with your new-used motorcycle.

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