Ride a Motorcycle? Here Is How to Stay Alive?


Ride As Though the Other Driver Doesn’t See You

In psychological studies, there is a phenomenon known as Inattentional Blindness (IB). A person fails to notice an object that is in plain sight either due to distraction or did not perceive the object.

Known as looked-but-failed-to-see (LBFTS), and motorcycles are often its victims. Another problem, the other driver sees the motorcycle but fails to judge its speed and distance and pulls right into the bike’s path. Referred to as the conspicuity factor, as motorcycles are harder to see because of size, color, speed, shape, etc.

As a motorcyclist, you take into consideration other drivers do not see you even when you are right in front of them. Condition yourself to take the appropriate action to avoid a collision. A good rule of thumb is to ride like you are invisible to the other driver. A speeding motorcycle may be harder for the other driver to perceive, always drive at the posted speed limit.

Wearing your Leather Motorcycle Vest with reflector tape so others can see you is an excellent idea.

Don’t Be a Sitting Duck

There are times when riding you get in the path of another vehicle like stopping behind a car at a stoplight.


The driver behind you doesn’t stop and rear-ends your bike; you learn the true meaning of accordion pleating. Your bike is behind the bumper of the car ahead; if struck from behind, you can get crushed between the vehicles.

Position your motorcycle to either side of the vehicle ahead; if struck, you don’t get pushed into the car in front. Have a way out, think proactively, always consider the worst-case scenario, in an accident the motorcycle rider almost always loses.

Know Your Limits:

Many motorcyclists ride for years and do not know or understand what “riding within your limits” means.

Riding within your limits can be nothing more than taking a Motorcycle safety course before riding on public highways. That said, a training course does not make you an expert rider; it does teach you the following:

  • Speed control.
  • Controlled lean and direction.
  • Shifting smoothly while moving.
  • How to work the throttle without jerking it.
  • How to use the brakes for smooth stopping.

All of the above and more should become second nature to you as you get more experience while riding safely. Choosing to ride safely is a conscious decision as is riding with reckless abandon; the latter will kill you.

Lane Safety: Know Where to Ride

Motorcyclists have an advantage when riding on highways; they can pick which portion of the traffic lane to ride in.


Riding right, center, or left gives the biker a better advantage to observe the ever-changing traffic pattern ahead. The most sensible position is center lane just slightly to the left, you can see the traffic ahead and spot that driver who is infringing on the centerline.

When riding in a group, remember to stagger the formation with riders staying a reasonable distance behind the one in front. Make it easy for your fellow riders to see you when you are wearing Mens Motorcycle Leather Vests.

There It Is

The Tips presented here are some that will help you survive while riding public roadways. The bottom line is to be constantly vigilant to any dangers present while riding in traffic at any speed.

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