Riding Gear Will Keep You Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Right now, the world we live in is haunted by a specter. The Coronavirus has been ravaging the world since November 2019, and it has not gotten any better. The world is currently waiting for a vaccine while it tries to juggle keeping its citizens safe and keeping their economies from being completely wiped out. But how has the motorcycle riding world addressed the coronavirus issue?

First, we should go over what is not effective against Coronavirus.

The basic motorcycle riding helmet will not prevent Coronavirus from infecting your lungs. It is not airtight, because it was not designed to be. If you want to keep your mouth and nose free from Coronavirus’s clutches, you will have to get an N95 mask, but we don’t have to tell you that finding an N95 mask is practically impossible now.

Many people believe that this virus isn’t dangerous and is similar to the cold, but that’s just not true. This virus can hurt a lot of people, so every community, even the riding community, must be aware of the destruction Coronavirus leaves in its wake.

Now let’s go over some alternatives that are still available.

More Money, No Problems

Because of the lack of places to go and shop since Coronavirus has forced many people to close their stores, you may have more money than usual to splurge with. If you do, why not purchase that American eagle jackets men that you have had your eye on? You will enjoy buying a brand new jacket for yourself, and you’ll be the most stylish person on the road!

Chemical Protection

Another important part of keeping the Coronavirus away from you is using hand sanitizer regularly. Hand sanitizers can kill viruses, which antibiotics cannot. Send it has already met you understand that funny hand sanitizer is as hard as finding n95 masks. However, you can keep your hands jump free and safe by purchasing a pair of leather motorcycle gloves.


Less People on the Road

Since many places in the country are on lockdown right now, there are fewer riders and drivers on the road. This may be a positive, depending on how you drive your motorcycle. If you are someone who values safety, then fewer riders would be positive for you. You no longer have to share the road with bad drivers.

But if you’re someone who’s a bit of a daredevil and doesn’t mind taking risks, then few drivers would be a detriment to your health. If you get hurt, there will be a longer interval between cars passing by you. So you don’t want to get into an accident, especially now. You should buy water-resistant fleece-lined pants. So even if the rain or the mist or fog makes it hard for you to ride, your pants will keep you warm and dry.


Protection from the Rain

Another great item to have when it is raining is rain pants with side zippers. Every motorcycle rider knows that they have to keep their belongings in a secure location so they cannot fly out of their grasp when they were doing 70 down the freeway. These pants can keep your possessions not only safe but also dry. If you’re someone who rides around the country, you’ll never truly know what type of weather you’ll be facing that day since the U.S. is so large and varied in climates.

Just because we are experiencing a world that is infected with Coronavirus, doesn’t mean that we should stop riding. Riding your motorcycle may be healthier than getting in a car with people. But, if you want to continue riding, you must buy the right protective gear to keep your body from being damaged. Head over to www.wickedstock.com to find reliable armor and gear that will keep you safe on the road.

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