Riding – Pride and Safety

Riding - Pride and Safety

Quick, what was the last training session you attended for riding your motorcycle? Ah, you are probably figuring the same thing I did after eight years. You probably have not attended a single safety and training session since you got your license. Am I right? If so then keep reading and if not keep reading anyway because we all need that friend reminding us to brush up on our weak points.

Every one of us has had moments where we throw on that leather motorcycle jacket with the matching leather motorcycle pants, get out and watch as the miles fall before us. We are free, we are kings and we know it. The funny thing about ego and pride is that we start feeling good about ourselves and we will close our eyes to anything that lets the air out of that balloon. Yeah, I know every one of us feels like a kid in grade school when we go to a class and listen to the safety professional. Not really fun when you have been riding for ten-twenty or thirty years and you get told you aren’t as good as you think.

No, I am not selling you my safety courses and no I am not one of those safety professionals. I am a rider and an enthusiast that had a wake-up call. Me and a few friends were hanging out at a barbeque and one of those acquaintances I had met but didn’t know started talking about going to safety courses twice a year. Well me and the man who taught me to ride chuckled at the idea. Together we had forty years of experience so we blew out our chests and made light of the idea.

Well, one thing led to another, and let’s just say before the end of the next bear I had agreed to show up to the class and show them a thing or two (my ego has gotten in the way more than once in my life, I’m working on it.). When me and senior showed up that day let’s just say we had had our balloons of pride popped and shamed our American eagle jackets.

I have learned a lot since those days and something I am going to stress to each of you. We do not know nearly as much as we think we do. That is not an insult or me putting you down. When we ride and it is just us island the road we feel good, and we should it is fun and amazing and freeing. But we need to remember that we never stop learning and the most childish thing someone can do is claim that there is nothing left for them to learn. Additionally, I can say that since that day at the safety course I have attended one or two a year every year and it has only made riding more fun for me.

No, I am not trying to convince you that riding in a parking lot at 25 miles per hour is a blast or that we are joking and hanging out. I go and we are all business and it can be dull. But I have certainly picked up skills that I may never have learned otherwise and taken them out on the road and that has made riding more fun without a doubt and is worth one afternoon a year. For the riders living in a developing country, riding has a few tough guidelines. For more information, please read the Motorcycle safety tips for riding in a developing country.

When it comes down to it we need our skills to develop and the only way to do that is to challenge ourselves and admit that we aren’t done learning. So take the time, spend a few bucks go to the safety courses. Who knows maybe they will teach you something and in my experience get turned onto some new gear that is available (I have my eye on a pair of waterproof motorcycle pants at wickedstock.com).

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