Stay Fit While Riding


You think riding a motorcycle is as easy as getting in the saddle and heading out. Take a long ride through the backcountry and find out just how out of shape you are. Riding can be exhausting, often resulting in sore muscles and achy bones.

Being in shape for motorcycle riding requires exercising at home or the gym regularly 3 to 5 times a week. A good workout routine for strengthing legs, core muscles, back, shoulder, and arms should be on your menu of things to do. Being in good physical condition means lifting your bike back onto its wheels puts less strain on your body.


Leg exercises target the glutes, quads, hamstring, and the stabilizing muscles of the hips and require stability.



With your arms at your side, step forward, bending the right knee as you step forward and force it to bear your body weight. Return to standing position, repeat the right leg forward 10 to 15 reps and then do the same with the left leg.



Back against a wall, stand up straight and simply bend your knees and lower your body a few inches. For better results, hold for 3 to 5 seconds and stand up straight again, repeat for 10 to 15 reps. Once you are in shape, you will look great in a pair of Men Motorcycle Leather Pants.




Target abdominals and paraspinal that are necessary for holding you upright on the bike, so you don’t lean on your arms. Lay flat on the floor, then come up on your elbows and toes. Keep stomach tight, hips level, and your head in line with your spine. Hold for about 10 seconds and repeat 5 to ten times with your goal of holding for 1 to 2 minutes.

If you have a little trouble with the plank exercise, rest on your knees until you get the hang of it. Core conditioning will allow that Leather Men Motorcycle Jacket a snugger fit for that fit, trim look.

Shoulders, Triceps, Pectorals



Great for increasing upper body strength by targeting shoulder, tricep, and bicep muscles. Get down on the floor, feet straight behind you, position your arms, so they hold your body off the floor.

Hands shoulder-width apart, back straight, core engaged, and hands flat on the floor to protect wrists. Lower your body in a straight line, so your chest or chin touches the floor. Push your body back up using your arm muscles, locking your elbows at full extension.

Repeat this doing 10 pushups at a time or as long as you can hold proper form. Continue the pushup regimen until you achieve 50 to 100 pushups at one time.



Pull-ups are great for increasing strength in arms, shoulders, and back and are the root of most fitness programs. In some cases, the pull-up is a laborious exercise to master as you are lifting your entire body weight, go slow get it right.

No injuries allowed. Grab the over-head bar, hands shoulder-width apart, palms facing away from you. Pull with your arm and shoulder muscles until your chin is over the bar then slowly lower yourself down until you are hanging.

It may be challenging to do more than 2, 3, or 4 pull-ups at first; as your arms and shoulders gain strength, the reps will come easier. Shoulders toned, you can wear your Textile Men Motorcycle Jacket for that professional rider look.

Cool Down

Getting fit is going to make riding easier as your body has the strength and stamina to sustain itself on long rides. With your core strengthened, you will sit straighter on the bike, and your arms will not be holding you up.

Getting fit is getting a good cardio work out that protects you from the effects of stress. Not only have you become fit, but you have also improved your overall health and wellness.

Good job. While working out, you shed a few pounds check out the deals on Wicked Stock to find new apparel to fit that new you.

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