Testing Your Motorcycle Headlight: What to Do


At least once a year, you must test the various parts of your motorcycle to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. If you do not have time or the energy to undergo this task, you can always hire a trusted mechanic who will perform a thorough checkup on your motorcycle. Or you can always check each part one by one. Today we’ll be going over how to test your motorcycle headlight.

When you’re done checking your motorcycle, and you return to the road, let everyone know you mean business by wearing your best outfit! Be sure to combine a leather bike vest with biker vest patches, so everyone knows you are not a casual rider.

Although you will notice if your motorcycle headlight doesn’t work, you need to test out a headlight that is not attached to any motorcycle. So if you purchase a headlight, but the packaging looks damaged, or you dropped the headlight, then you’ll be able to make sure it works.

Testing your motorcycle’s headlight is quite easy. There are a few components you’ll need, and you probably already have them.

You just need some double conductive wires to test your headlight and a motorcycle battery to provide the electricity.

motorcycle headlight

What to Do?

On the headlight, there are two wires that you need to identify. These wires are attached to the motorcycle so it can be controlled. The wires necessary to test the headlight are the negative battery terminal wire and the positive battery terminal wire.

These wires are a part of the motorcycle battery, and you must connect each one to each wire from the headlight.

The wire that is attached to the negative battery terminal needs to be attached to the ground wire on the headlight.

And the wire connected to the positive battery terminal needs to be attached to the high beam or low beam wire.

If you’re having trouble connecting the battery to the headlight, there are many videos online that can help you. Be sure to look for the term testing motorcycle headlight because you may be directed to car headlights if you don’t include the word motorcycle.

Problems and Solutions

When the headlight is properly connected to the motorcycle battery, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the headlight not work when attached to your motorcycle, only to the independent battery? Or
  • The headlight doesn’t work for either the battery or the motorcycle?

If it worked only when it attached to the battery, then it has an issue with the headlight wiring harness. But if the headlights don’t work while connected to the motorcycle or the battery, then it is a faulty headlight, and you should not install it.

Testing motorcycle parts are a pain, but you don’t want to wait until the return policy comes to an end, and now you’re stuck with faulty motorcycle parts.

Just like you need to test the parts of your motorcycle to keep them in good shape, you should check your motorcycle gear’s durability. Always purchase a motorcycle protective jackets with good ratings and a warranty. And to protect yourself from getting sick because of bad weather, have motorcycle rain gear ready to go when you need it.

A quick tip: while working on these wires, wear protective gloves. You won’t be electrocuted, but if you accidentally touch the bare wire when it is connected to the battery, you could get a painful shock.

Every month, give your motorcycle a quick once around and make sure everything is in order. Continuous care and maintenance are the best way to preserve your motorcycles’ lifespan so you can ride it for years and years. If you need any maintenance manuals or any new protective clothing, then head over to www.wickedstock.com to find items you need at reasonable prices.

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