Testing Your Motorcycle Turn Signals: A How-To Guide


The turn signals on your motorcycles should always be in top working condition. Many bad drivers opt not to use their turn signal when they turn, and other people suffer the consequences when they crash into them. But you’re not a bad driver, and you will ensure that your turn signals are always in top working condition. So I have written a quick and easy turn signal testing guide to making testing easy for you.

Test Your Turn Signal

How to Test Your Turn Signal

Whether you purchased new turn signals for your motorcycle from a retailer or you repurposed them from an older motorcycle that no longer works, you should always test out any new equipment that did not come attached to your motorcycle. Testing new turn signals are easy and quick. All you need is the new turn signals and a motorcycle battery.

Also, as a precaution, you should wear thick gloves, in case you accidentally touch the battery while it is attached to a wire. It is not enough to electrocute and kill you, but it will be very unpleasant.

That rubber gloves are not the only type of gloves you should wear if you’re a motorcyclist. A beautiful pair of leather motorcycle gloves can keep your hands warm and safe from the elements. Plus, you can pair your gloves with black leather biker pants, so you’re always in style no matter where you go.

The first step to do is to take your turn signal and your battery outside and place it on the cement floor. Once you’re in the safety of the outside, take the wrapper or covering off your new turn signal and take the wires out. These wires are supposed to connect the turn signal to the turn signal connector within the motorcycle. Next, you’re going to hook up these turn signal wires to the battery. By hooking up the signal to the battery, you can see if it works or does not.


Place the turn signal on the ground if you have to and separate the wires by pulling them apart. Do this slowly so that the rubber does not rip or tear. Then, you must attach each wire to a battery terminal. One wire will go on the positive terminal, and another wire will go on the negative terminal. Be sure to test both signal lights because one could work fine, and the other could be broken inside. If the turn signal lights up, then it works just fine, and you can install them onto your motorcycle. But if the turn signal does not light up, then it means that it was not constructed correctly, and it will not work.

When you install the turn signals on to your motorcycle, it’s time for the second testing. Turn on your motorcycle and check the lights to see that they work. If your turn signal lights worked when it was connected to the battery but not when it’s connected to your motorcycle, then your motorcycle has a wiring issue.

If you attach your turn signals to both your battery and your motorcycle and they do not work in both cases, then the turn signals are no good, and you must return them.

When you purchase a turn signal, look for ones that reviewers say are easy to see in the rain. Rain muddles our vision and makes roads and freeways more dangerous. If you are not wearing suitable clothes, it can make you sick as well. So when the rain comes to your region, wear a motorcycle rain suit or waterproof motorcycle pants to stay warm and dry.

improving your turn signal

Improving your turn signals will make the road safer for you and everyone else on the road. Another way you can make the road safer is when you see a beginner motorcyclist having problems with their motorcycle turn signals, you can help them out.

The morning knowledge is generated and shared between motorcyclists; the more informed and safer the community will be. Another way to be hazard-free is to wear clothes that protect you during a crash. If you need to purchase new motorcycle safety gear, then head over to www.wickedstock.com to find affordable fashion that is both stylish and safe.

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