The Group Ride – How to Behave


You and your friends have decided to take a group Motorcycle ride. There is nothing more satisfying than a motorcycle ride with friends, keeping the ride safe adds to the enjoyment. There are some things to work out before the ride begins.


Pre-Ride Meeting

Gather together all those who are going on the ride. Decide on the route the ride will take, make sure that all the riders are familiar with the course. If you are planning to make a trip to Cross Country, please make sure you know how to prepare for a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip?

Know where the rest stops are, it is essential to rest every so often to avoid road fatigue. Make sure that everyone on the ride knows where the fuel stops are.

Each rider should know the fuel consumption rate for his/her bike. This way, each rider can let the leader know where they will need to get fuel.

The group should decide on at least one stop along the route where everyone is to stop to count heads.

Big Rule: Make it clear that anyone who wants to join the ride must wear a DOT certified helmet.

It is also a good idea to wear your Men Textile Motorcycle Pants with hip and knee armor in place.

Choose Your Pecking Order

Choose who is riding lead, should be one of the most experienced riders in the group.

The lead is responsible for making sure the road ahead of the group is safe, roadblocks, accidents, seeing whether or not the passing lanes are clear.

Who is going to bring up the rear (tail), this rider too should have a lot of experience.

The tail rider watches the group ahead of him/her looking for riders dropping out, helping bikers with mechanical trouble, etc.

Riders who do not have a lot of experience should be right behind the leader. Let your experience lead the way by wearing your Textile Men Motorcycle Jacket

Before Ride To-Do List

Perform a motorcycle safety check of your bike, make sure there is not going to be any surprises during the ride. Fill your bike with fuel, running out of fuel can put a damper on everything.

Bring snacks, bottled water, a first aid kit, your motorcycle tool kit, throw in your 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket, just in case.

Make the Ride Safe

Know the hand signals as the noise of motorcycles drown out verbal instructions. The leader will use hand signals to warn, instruct, and otherwise tell the group what is happening.

Do not drink alcohol before or during the ride, riding buzzed or intoxicated is illegal and very dangerous. Anyone consuming alcohol before or during the ride should be barred immediately as everyone else on the trip is in danger.

Do not ride recklessly by doing wheelies or other dangerous stunts. Make yourself visible by wearing a highway safety vest over your Motorcycle Leather Armor Jackets.

Ride In Staggered Formation

The leader in the left third of the traffic lane, next rider in the right third of the lane, continue this stagger formation for the remaining riders. There should be at least 2-4 seconds between each rider for avoiding hazards and for safe movement within the formation.

If the ride were broken down into new groups, each group would follow the formation as described above. Depending on who many riders are joining the ride, keep the numbers manageable.

Five to seven riders are a good number for the formation. If more than seven are riding, break the ride into two or more formations, each with a lead and a tail.


Ride’s End

You follow the above suggestions for group rides and all will have a good time. The memories of group rides can last a long time.

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