The Right Time to Buy a Motorcycle

The Right Time to Buy a Motorcycle

So you are ready to buy your new motorcycle. Congratulations! Now there are plenty of things to consider when looking to buy but let’s talk about timing. If you are thinking the best time is now, well maybe or maybe not. Buying a motorcycle is not the same thing as buying motorcycle jackets with armor or biker vest patches. The prices and people’s willingness to be haggled varies. Ever heard of the phrase buy low sell high? You probably have and you can apply that same logic to your motorcycle.

Seasons Matter

Chances are you’ve noticed even if this is the first motorcycle you’ve ever bought, the number of people riding motorcycles will change from season to season. In the winter when it is pouring rain and sleet you might see one or two riders held up under the overpass waiting for the sun to come out. But come summer you won’t spend a single day on the highway without seeing a pack of us on the road for an afternoon ride or a longer road trip. Now that I have pointed that out you are probably already guessing what I’ll tell you next. In the winter (some exceptions apply for those of you in LA perhaps) sales dry up. No matter if they are a salesman at the dealership or some guy that posted a craigslist ad, they are going to have more fish biting in the spring and summer when everyone is excited to get out on the road.

Patience is a Virtue

That means you have got to resist that same impulse and wait. You are going to have a lot more room to haggle when you are the only person responding to the ad or the only prospect walking around the lot. When the cash is flowing for the salesman they are under no pressure to haggle and you’ll end up paying considerably more. Hold out and meet them on one of those freezing days when no one wants to be outside and use it to your advantage. Another upside to this is you will get these cooler months to tinker and customize your new motorcycle the way you want in preparation for those prime riding months. Otherwise, you may only get one or two weekends before you succumb to your itchy fingers and start wasting perfectly good riding weather in the garage.

Sometimes the Time is Right

There are of course a lot of things to consider and I am not going to say there are no exceptions. If that perfect deal comes along in June and you just have to have it, well, then get it. But do remember when purchasing your first motorcycle or your seventh, pay attention, and be honest. Ask yourself if that motorcycle is right for you. Does it suit your weight and height? Do you have the skill required to ride that motorcycle? These are easy questions to lie to ourselves about and we have to remember that we all have our limits. You are going to have a lot more fun over the long run if you are honest with yourself and don’t exaggerate your capabilities or push yourself past your physical limits. There can be a time and place for both but take care of yourself when you ride and know what motorcycle is right for you. Let’s decide, among hundreds of Exotic, Inexpensive Motorcycles, How to Get One for Yourself?

With that little sermon over I am going to tell you to live your life. Ride your motorcycle and if you haven’t already, get your butt over to Wicked Stock to buy yourself some water-resistant fleece-lined pants so when you buy that motorcycle in the dead of winter but the roads open up you can get out there and ride.

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