Three Best Motorcycles for Touring


Riding a motorcycle on a long ride (tour) can be grueling, especially on the shoulder, back, and leg muscles. You ride for hours sitting up straight sometimes without back support that will take a toll on your comfort.

Riding a motorcycle on long trips in summer can result in your butt sweating, chafing, and becoming sore from sitting for long periods. Dehydration is another drawback of long rides, drink plenty of water often and replenish as needed.

Here are some tips to help stay more comfortable as your ride:

  • Stretch: Before you start the journey, during the trip, and at days end.
  • Bend over touch your toes.
  • Spread your legs to stretch the inner thighs
  • Do sit-ups, any stretching exercise that will take the tension off your muscles.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water:
  • Before you start the trip.
  • Drink as you ride.
  • Stay away from sugary or caffeinated drinks.
  • Wear The Proper Clothing That:
  1. Protects you from the sun, A Motorcycle Mesh Jacket is the right choice.
  2. Flexes with your body motion even when stretching say Men Motorcycle Mesh Pants.
  3. Motorcycle Leather Gloves For Men is the right way to keep your hands warm.


1. Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager

This motorcycle looks like and is one of the best long road trip motorcycles available today. Powered by a twin-V 1,700cc engine and ABS brakes make this motorcycle an excellent choice for that summer road tour.

The Kawasaki 1,700 Vulcan Voyager is a comfortable ride for driver and passenger alike. With a cruise control that activates in third gear and an audio intercom/headset system for that no-hassle on the road communication.

There is plenty of storage as well, hard integrated saddlebags on each side of the rear wheel. The storage case located behind the passenger seat is large enough to two full-face helmets.

What a sweet ride.

The Kawasaki Vulcan is best ridden wearing the 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket


2. Indian Roadmaster

Indian was one of America’s first motorcycle manufactures, and the Roadmaster delivers that vintage look making heads swivel. This beautiful machine comes with a V-twin engine that tops out at 1,811cc, a six-speed tranny, and leather seats. That is not all; the Roadmaster has a keyless start, power windshield, hard bags, and trunk that lock remotely.

Keep drooling; Roadmaster has integrated GPS, a monitoring tire pressure system, and get this, a 200-watt stereo with Bluetooth and Pandora. Talk about comfort for both driver and passenger, heated seats and handgrips, what a motorcycle. Indian Roadmaster is best ridden wearing High-Viz Motorcycle Jackets and High Visibility Motorcycle Pants For Men so you and your passenger will stand out from the crowd.


3. Honda Gold Wing

This classy ride started the motorcycle touring culture with its introduction in 1975. This icon of touring motorcycles comes equipped with 1,833 ccs flat-six engine, GPS navigation, passenger armrests, full sets, and low floorboards.

The Gold Wing has heated seats and handgrips along with cutting edge technology. A factory-installed airbag that prevents the driver from going over the handlebars in an accident, a motorcycle first.

Ride your Gold Wing in style wearing Summer Men Motorcycle Jacket or Motorcycle Rain Jackets for men. Touring by motorcycle has come a long way, with so many different bikes to choose from it is the best travel experience you can have.

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