Three Best Off-Road Motorcycles


Off-road motorcycles are for riding in places where there are no paved roads. Off-road or dirt bikes are built to handle rugged trails and off-road conditions with the ease of a gazelle. The off-road motorcycle has long suspension travel, higher ground clearance, come with knobby tires for traction in gravel, sand, dirt, and mud.

They are constructed to be lightweight, a front and rear fender, a frame, a gas tank, a seat, knobby tires, low riding handlebars, and a small gas tank. Let’s look at some options for the Weekend Warrior to enjoy the excitement of the off-road experience.

Kawasaki KLR 650


Kawasaki known for its quality motorcycles and the Kawasaki KLR 650 meets that standard. The KLR650 comes with a 651-cc engine that is one of the best in the off-road motorcycling world, and it is liquid-cooled. Tips the scales at 432 pounds and has a range of 250 miles making this motorcycle one of the best for all-terrain travel.

The simplicity of the KL650 is its best feature, no fuel injection, no ABS, no riding aids, nothing to go wrong. While out trail busting on the Kawasaki KL650 ride in style wearing Motorcycle Mesh Jackets or Men Motorcycle Mesh Pants, looking good.

KL650 is street legal and handles the highway very well. The way this motorcycle accelerates through dry river beds, over dunes, and dirt trails is the reason why you choose it.

Honda Africa Twin


Africa’s engine specific format is what makes this off-road motorcycle adaptable to changing the terrain. The twin 998cc four-stroke liquid-cooled engine creates a shorter wheelbase, 62 inches, putting the front wheel closer to the engine.

Africa Twin has a curb weight 511 lbs with a subframe of high-tensile strength steel, six-speed transmission, a torque control system. You know the saying, keep it simple stupid, is the concept here, no frills just bare essentials, having less is good.

You and your Honda Africa Twin can tear up any off-road landscape you wish to tackle. As you tear up the off-road countryside, wear Hi-Viz Motorcycle Jackets or High Visibility Motorcycle Pants for Men and heads will turn.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R


KTM 1290 R reeks of off-road adventure; that’s the reason for building it. Any terrain you throw at the KTM 1290 R it will take in stride as though it were a sure-footed mountain goat. That is due to its “four-mode” design such as traction control that works in conjunction with anti-lock brakes for some of the smoothest maneuver you will ever make.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R Deal Clincher:

+ Hill Hold Controls.

+ Motor Slip Regulation.

+ A Bi-directional Quick-shifter.

+ ABS can be turned off on the rear wheel.

And, that’s what makes the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R one of the best off-road rides ever.

As you conquer any terrain thrown at the KTL1290 Super Adventure R, you can be a trendsetter wearing 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket and Motorcycle Leather Gloves for Men.

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