Three Ways to Stop Being a Stupid


It doesn’t matter how many years you have been riding your motorcycle or what level of expert you are, even if you’re as experienced as a motorcycle teacher. There are still many experienced riders who make dumb mistakes. Sometimes, good riders don’t notice something critical is wrong, maybe they have a brain lapse and forget to do something critical, or maybe (unfortunately) they ride their motorcycle when they are drunk. But it is essential to know that no one is immune to mistakes, no matter how long they have been riding. Here are a few ways riders can fail themselves and do something stupid.

1.    Believe In Your Intuition

Every person has a voice inside of them that tells them when something is wrong or if they are in danger. This is especially true when you have gained enough riding experience. If you are not taking your intuition seriously, and you get into an accident, you should be wearing motorcycle protective gear. This type of clothing has armor built into it, so you are protected in case of a crash or collision.

One crucial aspect your inner voice may be neglecting is having the right type of clothing that can travel in your bag with you anywhere you go. Depending on how far your ride and where you go, you could travel through different time zones and various types of weather, so you’ll need versatile clothes. The best type of versatile clothing is a vest – a leather motorcycle vest. During the heat of summertime and early fall, you’ll be able to wear this vest as you ride. It’ll keep you cool and give your arms more freedom. If you travel through cold weather, you can add a jacket on top of the vest for added warmth.

2.    Value Your Safety

It’s no surprise that motorcycle riders are people who enjoy new situations and heart-pounding thrills. If you’re not someone who likes to handle dangerous situations, then you most likely do not ride a motorcycle. But you should never sacrifice your safety for the thrill of the ride. Because if you do, there may not be any thrills in your future.

But if you decide that the thrill of a motorcycle’s rumble is what you need in your life, then you should at least be safe while you speed through the highways and backroads of the world. Make sure you’re wearing a brown leather motorcycle jacket. This jacket has padding built into it so you can stay warm. It’s also very durable and can stand some rough handling. For more information please go through A Beginner’s Guide to Selecting a Motorcycle Jacket.

3.    Gain More Experience

There is no alternative way around it. If you want to be an excellent motorcycle rider who can handle themselves on any road and in any weather, then you need to ride as much as possible. You need to drive your motorcycle during the rains, when it snows, during windy weather, through the thickest parts of a fog, etc. Experience is the greatest teacher, and without it, you won’t be able to anticipate problems and avoid them before they happen or solve new situations that arise. The more challenges and trials you face doing your first two years of riding, the more knowledgeable you’ll be when problems come up in the future. Although it may be tempting only to ride your motorcycle during good weather, this is not the way to learn and improve.

When you do plan on driving during rainy weather, it is best to have rain-proof gear like waterproof motorcycle pants.

If you realized, after reading this article, that you have been driving recklessly and you have been doing so while you were not wearing the right gear or no gear at all, then you should visit Their gear is both heavy-duty and stylish, and you can find something that matches your outfits or your motorcycle!

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