Top 5 Motorcycle Rides In The U. S.


There is nothing more exhilarating and awe-inspiring than a motorcycle tour of the United States of America. With the wind in your face and civilization behind you, there is nothing like riding a motorcycle across this country. There are places in the USA that are worth every minute it takes to ride the highways and byways.

Here the 5 top motorcycle touring locations picked for beauty, remoteness and the thrill of the ride:

1. Colorado: Peak to Peak Highway


Figure 1: Peak To Peak Motorcycle Tour through Estes Park, Colorado

Created in 1918 the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway is 55 miles in length and is Colorado’s oldest and first scenic byway. If you are riding south on I-25 out of Wyoming, turn west on US 34 and travel west to Estes Park and then head south Highway 7 along the Front Range through mountain towns like Nederland.

Your ride will take you along the Continental Divide where water on the west side of the divide runs toward the Pacific Ocean and drainage on the east side flows toward the Mississippi River. This scenic ride is like having a pass to some of Colorado’s best attractions.

2. Beartooth Highway: Montana & Wyoming


Figure 2: Beartooth Highway Riding In style

This ride follows US highway 212 starting at Red Lodge, Mont. (officially opened in 1936) and ends a Cooke City, Montana. This highway is only open to the public from May to October due to heavy snowfall. The Beartooth Highway can be dangerous with steep inclines, and hairpin turns that make the bravest of riders nervous. The road is not in good condition and daytime only passage is recommended, and you are on a motorcycle, so use due caution.

Due to the high elevation the weather can be a bit cool in these high mountains, so don’t forget to bring along your Motorcycle Mesh Jacket.

3. Blue Ridge Parkway: North Carolina and Virginia


Figure 3: Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Tour of a lifetime

If you are serious about touring the U. S. by motorcycle this ride is at the top of your bucket list. This is a non-stop ride that will dazzle your every sense. The parkway is lined with stone markers at every mile and increases in number as you travel south. Using guide maps, every point of interest matches the number of stone markers along the route, this makes it easy to plan your ride. The weather can be a little on the cool side because of the mountain terrain so throw in your Men’s Motorcycle Leather Vest.

4. Coastal Route One: Maine


Figure 4: Coastal Route 1 trough Maine where historic lighthouses are everywhere.

New England in Autumn is the best time for this ride from Brunswick to Machias with all the fall colors to greet your senses, it’s incredible. You will follow a two-lane paved road for 167 miles through quaint villages and past historic lighthouses. Keep two fingers on the brake just in case a moose shows up in front of you around the next bend. Riding the coastal route can be a bit cool, so throw in your Men Motorcycle Mesh Pants to make your ride more comfortable.

5. Pacific Coast Highway, California:  Carmel to Morro Bay


Figure 5: Giant Redwood Forests some of the oldest in the world are just part of your ride along the  Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway of California is a ride like no other, known as Big Sur, and stretches 120 miles from Carmel to Morro Bay. The Pacific Coast Highway is a cliff-hanger with plenty of curves to keep your riding skills well tested. Just for your info, the summer months are shrouded in fog, the road is clogged with slow-moving RVs, and there are frequent thunderstorms. With all the things to do along a coastal highway where the weather may turn wet just pack your Motorcycle Rain Gear, you bought online.

With the good ole USA being one of the best destinations for motorcycle touring this article has provided you with the five best rides.

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