Traffic Tickets: How to Overcome


One day, you will get a traffic ticket. It is inevitable. But if you know how to work the system and the office doesn’t care, then you may not have to pay for it. If you follow this quick and easy guide, you know what to do when the cop gives you a traffic ticket and what you can do to legally not pay it. But you should be wearing the right gear when you are riding your motorcycle, like a motorcycle protective jackets or a mens black leather biker jacket.

What to do when the officer pulls your over

There you are, driving down the road or the freeway, listening to your new in helmet motorcycle headphones, and staying cool and comfy in your mens leather moto jacket when you see the police’s sirens in your side mirrors. Don’t panic. The world is not over. If you are on the freeway, find an off-ramp and turn into the first gas station or restaurant, so you don’t have to park on the side of the freeway, which is dangerous.

As the cop approaches and talks to you about why they are pulling you over, be sure to know the reason, the officer’s names, badge number, and the license plate number of the cop car.

After the cop leaves, place your ticket in your pocket or your backpack and continue with your day. No matter how enraged you become or how much you believe you are in the right, do not blow your fuse and start cussing at the police. That will get you into a myriad of trouble.

Before you start cursing your existence and mentally calculating where you can get the money to pay for the ticket, there is something you should now. There are ways for you to fight your traffic ticket. Find a phone number on the ticket and schedule a court date to appear before a judge. The date must be before the ticket due date.


What to do at court

When you appear before the judge, talk to them carefully, and voice your reasons why you do not feel like you deserve it. One big reason some people don’t have to pay their traffic ticket is that the officer who wrote it does not show up in court to defend their judgment. So if they are not there, it is very likely that the judge will rule in your favor.

Another strategy to implement is to admit that the traffic ticket is honest, and you were doing what it said you were, but it is too expensive to pay. Many judges will reduce the traffic ticket cost if the person is willing to pay, but they don’t have the means too. Or they might switch the ticket fine to community service.

Now, you cant do both of these strategies at once. Pick an option and go with that one. There’s no way you can use the first argument and then rely on the second when it doesn’t work out. The judge will be suspicious and may even increase the fine for lying to the court.


What to do after the judge rules

Congrats! You won, and you don’t have to pay for your ticket. Or maybe you have to pay, but it is a smaller fine. Or the worst case, you didn’t win your case, and the judge ordered you to pay for your ticket. Luckily, there will be no extra charges for contesting. You put up a good fight, but you must pay. Many courts allow a person to pay for their tickets and fines with credit cards, cash, or checks. If you want to do money order, call ahead to see if it can be done.

Getting a ticket is not pleasant, but it isn’t the end of the world. There are ways to fight a traffic ticket if you feel like you are in the right. But if a judge officially orders you to pay it, then you must. It is the law. But if you can fight it, you can spend your money on important things like a leather biker vest. Head over to OR Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find great deals on everything that we have so you can stay safe on the road.

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