What Are Different Types Of Motorcycles Based On The Usage?


When you think of different types of motorcycles, I’ll bet your first reaction is like “Oh yeah, there’s Harleys and Honda’s, Yamaha’s and Triumph, Kawasaki…but wait! They are brands of motorcycles.

Within these brands, there are like six, maybe seven different types, if you count scooters and mopeds, which even though some people don’t consider them actual motorcycles. But for the sake of this article, we will.


This is just your basic motorcycle. Anywhere from 125cc to 1,000cc. Great for a beginner because it is not that big and it is ready for just about any riding situation (except maybe off road, but we’ll get to that later).

This motorcycle has average seat height, with low to mid-range handlebars. This makes it perfect for a new or seasoned rider for commuting to work or school and also for cruising around the countryside.


The cruiser has basically the same characteristics of the standard. The difference being a bit lower seat and more of a leaned back ride.

These motorcycles are good for all skill levels and great for commuting and weekend riding.

Touring and Sport Touring

I put these together because they both have storage space to pack your things for longer trips and weekend excursions.

The touring motorcycle has average seat height, but they are made wider for more comfort. The engine size ranges from 1,000cc to 1,800cc for more power to cruise the major highways.

The sport touring motorcycle engine runs a bit smaller ranging from 750cc to 1,300cc. They both have windshields to protect the rider from the elements.

Both the touring and sport models come equipped with mid-range handlebars and are rated for intermediate to advanced riders.


Next up, the sport bike. This bike is built for speed. Although it can be ridden on the street, with its forward leaning riding position and low-slung handlebars, it is more suited for running on a track.

The engines range from 500cc to 1,300cc. It has a windshield, but it is much shorter to increase the aerodynamics of the motorcycle.

Off-Road and Dual Sport

Off-road is just like the name says, for off the road trail riding. These motorcycles have a higher seat to allow for the larger suspension needed to clear brush and dirt.

Engines range from 125cc to 450cc and are available in 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines.

Due to the knobby tires on your off-road bike, you probably would trailer it to the desired riding destination.

The dual sport motorcycle, with its 125cc to 800cc engine is more suited for street riding and very limited off-road. It also has a higher seat.

The Un-Motorcycles

Last but not least we have the scooters and mopeds. Now, a lot of people kind of look down on these and think they shouldn’t be classified as motorcycles. Well like it or not, they are.

A mopeds engine is usually 50cc or lower and sometimes completely electric. And although the scooters range from 50cc to 500cc, they are both best suited for riding in cities and towns. You most likely have seen both zipping around down at the sea shore while on vacation.

Neither a scooter nor moped should be ridden out on the highway.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

So, there you have it. Whatever type of riding you have in mind, there is a motorcycle out there that is suited to your needs.

And of course, with your new motorcycle, you are going to need some good gear such as leather, textile or racing jacket. And don’t forget some good riding pants or chaps.

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Happy Riding!

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