What Not To Wear When Riding ?

I could just rattle off a list of things that you absolutely positively should not wear while riding your motorcycle. But that would make for a short, very uninteresting article.

Let’s break it down and talk about different items. There are some smart and some not so smart. Starting at the top of the list, you don’t want to wear a ball cap. Not going to protect your head even a little bit. And if you feel that you are really rocking that red plaid dew rag? That’s great, but put a good safety approved helmet over it before you go.


You must not to wear just a tee shirt or light shirt —- instead a leather motorcycle jacket.

Face it, there are a lot of cars out on there today. And chances are they don’t “see” motorcycles on the road. The chances of you having an accident, unfortunately, are very high.

Even going slow, say under 35 mph, if you are forced to dump your motorcycle, any exposed skin is likely going to slide along the asphalt causing a severe case of road rash. Why chance it?

With all the choices at www.wickedstock.com, there is no reason not to be protected while you ride. You can choose a nice men’s leather or textile motorcycle jacket with armored areas to protect your extremities. In the warmer summer month’s you may opt for a Men’s mesh motorcycle jacket with armor inserts at the elbows knees and back.

Pants and Chaps

Wicked stock also has a nice selection of leather or textile motorcycle pants to suit every type of rider. Whether you are just tooling around town to the store or work. Or if you are planning an overnight trip on your motorcycle, it is a good idea to have your legs protected as much as your upper torso. You must not to wear shorts – instead men leather motorcycle pants. www.wickedstock.com also carries leather motorcycle chaps that you could wear over heavyweight jeans.

Racing on the Track

Some people have racing motorcycles and prefer to run their motorcycles on the track. For this type of riding there is absolutely no excuse for not wearing a full motorcycle racing jacket and pants. Also, you are not supposed to wear baggy pants on racing tracks, you should wear well-fitting riding pants.

These can be leather or textile. I’m not sure but I think that some, if not all race tracks require riders to have all of the proper equipment.

Feet & Hands

One of the things that absolutely amazes me, and other conscientious motorcycle riders is when we see someone riding in flip flops! Are you kidding me? In the event that I had to lay down my motorcycle on the road, I certainly wouldn’t want my feet to be exposed to the asphalt.

And sneakers or tennis shoes are not any better. These will simply shred apart in any kind of drag along the pavement. And your feet will be exposed. A nice pair of leather riding or work boots will do a much better job of protecting your feet in the unwanted but very possible event that you crash or are forced to put your motorcycle down hard.

The subject of riding gloves comes up often among motorcyclists. Do you need them? It is of course a matter of personal choice. But think for a moment, when you fall down, don’t you normally put your hands out first to block the fall? Exposed hands could get a very serious case of road rash if you are forced to dump your motorcycle.

At www.wickedstock.com there are some nice leather riding gloves that are comfortable and could save your hands from a lot of damage.

Protect Your Head

I know that a lot of states and I would imagine other countries around the world have passed “No Helmet” laws. Personally, I think this is ridiculous. Why would anyone riding a motorcycle think that they could come out on top of their head being smashed and dragged across the asphalt?

Harsh?  Yes. But please, I don’t care how nice it feels to let the wind whip through your hair as you are racing down the highway. Wear a helmet. A full- face helmet is best but any helmet is better than none. You owe it to your friends and family.

Suit Up and Ride

So, this riding season, go out there and have a great time. But remember to visit www.wickedstock.com and get outfitted with the proper gear.

It will enhance your experience. And in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Riding!

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