What to Do When You’re Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain


Riding your motorcycle in the rain and during the storm is one of the most challenging parts of riding. It is even harder for vehicle drivers to control their cars and trucks while it’s raining cats and dogs. Unfortunately, if you want to practice in the rain, you have to wait for a storm. But that doesn’t mean there’s not much you can learn while you’re waiting. Memorize this handy guide we have created, so when the next storm comes to your area, you can safely practice.


Less Visibility

The first difference you’ll notice when you’re driving in the rain is that there is far less visibility. You must know how to navigate your motorcycle through rain, wind, lightning, and possibly fog. This is why cars and motorcycles slow down, even if there aren’t many people on the road.

If you have a motorcycle helmet that is made for driving in the rain, you’ll want to purchase other motorcycle rain gear that will keep you from getting sick from the cold and wind. Also, you need to be safe in public areas because people will be getting sick and spreading germs as the weather get colder.

Increase the Space between Your Motorcycle and Other Vehicles

Remember that when you are driving in the rain, there is less traction between your motorcycle tire and the asphalt of the freeway. This means that your motorcycle will need more room to come to a full stop if you hit the brakes. A rule of thumb for driving is to keep three lengths between you and the next vehicle. We would suggest increasing that rule to five or six lengths. The farther you are from a vehicle, the safer you will be if you need to come to a sudden stop.

When rain is pouring down on you, you don’t want your clothes to soak through and chill to the bone. If you are having trouble in deciding Which Rain Suit Is Best For Me, make sure you’re buying waterproof motorcycle pants, not only will you be protected from the rain, but you’ll be protected from puddle and gutter splashes.


Don’t Fight Speed Demons

Even in the rain, there will be reckless people trying to race to see who the best driver is. Hopefully, we don’t have to tell you what a bad idea that is. Racing is in the rain is a sure-fire way to die or become paralyzed. If other motorcycle riders are challenging you to a race in a thunderstorm, just wave them off and let them go past you. If you’re trying to fight off a rider who wants to race you and just won’t leave you alone, it might be a good idea to speed up just a bit to give the illusion that you are racing and just let them win. But increasing your speed in the rain is dangerous. To protect yourself from bad injuries, make sure to wear a motorcycle protective jacket. It’s a jacket that is armored so your falls and collisions won’t be as dangerous.

No matter what speed you’re riding at, you will need to stay dry and protect your clothes from the rain. If you have a motorcycle rain suit, you’ll be warm and dry from head to toe. If you buy the right size, you can wear the suit over your regular clothes and put the suit away when you have reached your destination.

Driving in the rain is no easy matter, so you need to have the right gear to protect you in case you are injured or in a crash. Go to www.wickedstock.com to find rain gear and gear of all kinds that will keep your insides from spilling out onto the asphalt. If there is a specific item you need, but you cannot find it or is sold out, please contact customer support or visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we will do anything in our power to help you.

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