Which Rain Suit Is Best For Me?

No matter how much you try to avoid it, rain happens. It is a fact that every motorcyclist gets wet while riding and there is no way to avoid rain. Rain can be unpredictable and the only way to avoid such a situation is carrying protective gear like motorcycle rain suits for men.

If you have the best biker raingear for men you can stop worrying about the rainy season. No matter how much water is falling from the sky you will always stay dry if you have proper defense. If you are not wearing waterproof apparel rainwater will soak into your clothes, leather or textile gear. Your jeans or textile pants will get drenched into the water and you will not be able to drive safely. It is also uncomfortable to ride with soaked clothes. The only solution to this situation is having men motorcycle rain gear.

How to select the best biker raingear for men?

So, if you are wondering how to select the men motorcycle rain gear here are some tips to consider.


What is the benefit of raingear if it is not waterproof? So, the very first thing you need to look into while buying the motorcycle rain suits for men, it must be completely waterproof. A good quality man motorcycle rain gear will be double stitched and sealed to prevent water from entering in. You need to find a completely water-resistant material which can stand an enormous amount of water. The best biker raingear for men will be having a specialized coating on the surface of the suit to keep the rider safe and dry while riding in the rain.


While considering the motorcycle rain gear you must think about the size of it. It should not be too much fit to the rider. As you are going to wear it over your regular riding gear it must be loose and easy to fit over the clothes you are wearing already. If it is too loose it can also tear apart in strong winds. To get the best fit for the men motorcycle rain gear you need to make sure it is going to fit over your riding gear. Your rain gear must protect your riding gear from rain over your wrists, ankles, jacket cuffs and the area between pants and boots.

On and Off:

Most of the rain gear for motorcyclists are designed to be easy to wear and take off. It is one important feature of man motorcycle rain gear you should not overlook. At the moment of rain, you will not have time to go somewhere safe and bring out your raingear. Your motorcycle rain gear must be easy to wear on the spot and once the rain stops it must be easy to take off too. Idea is to pull off the road and put on the rain gear immediately.


One of the most important things to look into while buying the men motorcycle rain gear is the appearance of it. It must be very visible from the distance. When it rains it is difficult for drivers on the road to spot motorcycle riders. This problem increases at the time of mist or fog. If the visibility of men motorcycle rain gear is not something standing out from others it is not safe for the rider. Usually, rain gear is equipped with retro-reflective strips or they are made in fluorescent colors. The only purpose of choosing this design is to keep the rider and other drivers on the road safe while it is raining.

The Butt:

One last thing to look into while buying the motorcycle rain suits for men is the fabric panel in the biker sitting area. This is one of the essential parts of rain gear as it saves the rider from slipping from the bike in rain. Water is a lubricant and it can cause the rider to slip off the bike while riding. A special coating is applied at the butt area in the rain gear to solve this problem.

If you consider all the points, we mentioned above for buying the best biker raingear for men you can ride safely in the rain. A good biker raingear will keep you safe and sound when it rains.

If you are getting ready for a ride then you need motorcycle rain suits for men and the only place where you can get the best in kind rain suits is wickedstock.com. You need rain gear like two-piece and one-piece rain suit with yellow black high visibility to keep yourself safe while riding during the rain. Do not forget to share this important information with your rider friends and family members. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media for more informative content.

Happy riding!!

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